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To paint, or not to paint, that is the question

24 Nov

Only five days back in the country and I’m already trying to keep myself busy with lot of silly things in my mind just to not let me think that the next proper holiday will be in 34 days…someone help me! By the way I’m trying to give a different touch to the house, I have already put lots of wedding pictures everywhere, planning a new coffee table and a new rug…next thing in my mind is give a makeover to the kitchen painting the walls in a different colour…why can’t I just find an hobby to be interest in???

Not easy to find the right colour by the way…yesterday we picked up 3 neutral colours which they are supposed to be light brown creamy…not at all they are white on my kitchen wall!! Next stop…paint shop again…any suggestions please? The kitchen is in oak with black counter top…SOS again!!!

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