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All you need is love…and comfort pub food!

8 Dec

After all my bad adventures of yesterday morning, I really enjoyed my day pampering up myself, I’m still very happy with my new lady-like haircut, I think I should find a name for it…well later on…the day couldn’t have gone better, I have an interview booked for next week, yes finally luck is coming on my side!

To finish the day in the perfect way, we went out for dinner with friends in a pub I have never been before and I really enjoyed! A mix between a pub and a fancy bar…it was great, busy, warm, nice atmosphere and good food…what do you want more? Well…a bottle of red and rose please!

(After dinner I had to drive back home of course…the fact that I have an Italian driving licence and I drive in England does not justify my drinking…sorry about that!) 😉

2 love in my life, my husband and chorizo!

loving comfort food, sausages and mash!

and the cheese board never disappoint!


Break the tradition…just like that!

30 Nov

Winter evenings, countdown to Christmas, red wine, the blanket on the sofa, trash TV on, as usual, what else do we need to enjoy a pleasant cold evening? Some old good comfort food! It has been a while since my last Sunday Roast, and even longer for my husband, so in the past two weekends we tried to go for a pub lunch to enjoy a roast but due to a series to umpredictable events we weren’t able to make it, so why not have a Roast Dinner on a Tuesday night? it was good and delicious, plus I didn’t need to cook, Kim did!

Yeah…it was good!

Happy birthday to my Mum-in-Law, we are going to celebrate tonight at home with another homemade dinner by my husband again, looks like I’m on cooking strike 😉

– 2 days to our weekend in Venice

-20 to go back home for Christmas

-28 to Miami and Barbados!

I woke up with this song in my mind today, and because of Tinie Tempah I remembered one of our last holiday in March with friends, where we met him!

Becky, Tinie and me @ Surfcomber pool party – SoBe

My husband and I – moijto time!

Out for dinner, at joe’s stone crab

God I miss Miami so much!


Summer is over, Night in, bottle of wine and good food

30 Aug


Today in Brighton the sky has been grey and full of clouds, the temperature dropped down and for some strange reason it feels already autumn. After the very nice long weekend away I’m happy to be back home, look forward a nice dinner for us and just chill out watching  TV and maybe have an early night, the journey to come back to shore by boat yesterday left me with some bruises and the feeling I’ve been beaten up, not good! I should cheer myself up with a nice bottle of wine and some good food, possibly comfort food! Tonight I feel like I want chorizo, and porcini mushrooms… Let’s google them and see what’s coming up…


A good bottle of white wine and some simple ingrendients, pasta, fresh tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, chorizo a just a bit of red winegar… I love when Kim (yes, my husband has a name 🙂 ) tastes what I cook for dinner and say MMMMMMMMMMM… It makes me happy!!!

Shall whe finish the bottle of wine and we watch  CSI MIAMI? It sounds like a plan, good night to everyone.

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