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I wanna marry the night…

8 Nov

Overlooking the sun going down behind downtown, what a feeling! Lady Gaga is playing in the background, a Corona is on the table and despite being here on my own I feel damn happy tonight!

After my 10 hours sleep I woke up with a bit of sore throat but I have actually forgotten about it, I spent 3 hours in the sun reading Glamour magazine and a book, and at 3pm eastern time I decided to go walking up and down in Lincoln Road, when I arrived in Collins Avenue I thought, I haven’t been at the beach properly! I arrived at the beach in 15th and walked down to the nearest Starbucks, all way walking on the beach with my feet in the water, god I felt so happy!!!

Just calculated that today I have been walking for 3.8 miles…or 6.1 km…f### the gym!!

Maybe it’s just the sun, maybe it’s just the people so friendly…but I do feel so happy when I’m here!!!…I think I should relocate myself over here, when I’m in the UK no one, apart my mum, reads my blog!


As soon as I go back…diet!

13 Sep

I woke up yesterday morning around 7.30, had to do some work for the office and more kitchens building again, the weather suddenly changed and rained for a while, so when I realised it was already 1pm I needed to get out of there! Went walking up and down Lincoln Road, it was so humid that go into the shops with the freezing air conditioning was actually a pleasure! Had to stop on my way back home to McDonald’s to get some lunch and I just realised that my burger had 740 calories, let alone the fries, let alone the coke… I will need a diet as soon as we get back! By the pool was empty only a few people around so I thought to swim a bit…but after 2 lengths I was drowning…hopeless and useless me! I kept on reading my US magazine where they only talk about size 0 Hollywood style actress so I felt more left down…so I switched my mag for my book!!! The kitchen is nearly done luckily, after a few beers on the balcony we decided to go shopping at the end of Collins Avenue, my husband got 3 pairs of jeans and what did I find? A mint lip balm and a cashmere sweater, how can I not shop anymore? Need to go back to my old and good Amazon and eBay, great to satisfy my online shopping addiction! For dinner we went to one of our favourite hot spot in South Beach, Wine Depot or Bistro 555 However you’d like to call it, it was good! Two bottles of Gavi went down too well and the amazing tapas style food was so good…It’s always a good idea at the time…but now a bit of hangover is kicking me!

We are going to leave this world behind

4 Sep

The heavy suitcases are ready, I can already taste the mojitos and Bloody Mary,  I can already  hear the noise of the boats going across the bay,  I can already see the stunning Miami skyline in front of me, the Flamingo, the Mondrian, the Delano, I can already see me walking up and down Collins Avenue…how cool now Collins is my surname 😉

I can’t wait to get there, this video from the Swedish House Mafia put me in the right mood to go….we are going to leave our world behind, I’ll keep you posted!

By the way I will miss my beloved best friend Anna and my brother Chry… I will never forget our last vacation together there!!! Love you all ❤

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