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Lille: The Best City for Christmas Shopping

16 Nov

When it comes to shopping for Christmas, finding gifts for all your loved ones that are unique, thoughtful and/or lavish, you can always count on good old London Town. From Oxford Street famous names to quirky stalls in Camden Town you’ll be sure to find everything you could need. You can’t beat that satisfying feeling of coming home with your arms full of shopping bags that each contains special and exciting gifts for everyone, bargains and luxuries alike. Putting the kettle on and a Christmas CD or DVD whilst you wrap your purchases is one of the little joys of the season for many of us. But did you know that away from London, which can become rather too busy over the Christmas period (especially at weekends) you could take the iDBUS from London to Lille for an excellent Christmas shopping experience that combines a mini break with shopping heaven? Yes, with iDBUS’s mini-prices you could be on your way with iDBUS from London to Lille, which features one of France’s largest Christmas markets and plenty of year-round stores to explore. As with all iDBUS coach trips, you will be delivered from and to centrally-located coach stations and Vieux Lille is a compact town that is easy to navigate and explore on foot, so you don’t need to worry about finding connecting buses or Metro trains to get to where all the shops are. You will never be short of places to eat in Lille, which is known for its gastronomic delights and, being close to the border with Belgium, has moules et frites, waffles and fine chocolate dishes on almost every menu. If you want to take in the sights of the city you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel in the Grand Place and try to decide which of the eighty-plus Christmas stalls you will want to visit. Stay within the old town for charming hotels and bed and breakfast accommodation with character, or head into the newer part of town for more spacious, modern accommodation. Either way you will be within easy walking distance of the shops and the coach station to take you back to London when you are ready. By the way, if you book with iDBUS you can book single tickets for the same price as returns, so if you are not sure of how long you want to stay you can just book a single ticket to get you there and then book a return journey once you are ready to leave after a few days – the price of the tickets remains the same regardless of when you book them. It takes less than 6 hours to get from London to Lille with iDBUS but iDBUS coach trips always feature spacious, comfortable seating, free on board Wi-Fi,plug sockets (but don’t forget your euro plug adapter!) and frequent departure and arrival times for your convenience. So take in the sights and smells of Christmas in Lille – cinnamon, ginger, mulled wine, fake snow and an ice rink, colourful crafts and gifts, decorations and local produce. And with the iDBUS Mini Prices you can afford to spend a lot more when you’re there!

Keep calm and carry on style frames…crazy in love for it!!!

17 Dec

Keep calm and carry on. So inspirational, and so pretty in so many different colours and in so many different designs. A massive thing around England, and I love it.

But yesterday I found something even prettier than these slogans, walking around the shops in Brighton in a shop I love called England at Home  I found the local “keep calm style” frames about the towns around Brighton area, and of course I bought one for us to bring to Miami, just to remember where we live:

Brighton rocks

Ditchling, common? Town just around the corner

Hove, actually

Eastbourne to be wild

This is the one I got for us!!

They even do costumized ones, as you can find out on the website

Not in the high street

What about a donkey frame? My husband calls me donkey in such a lovely way, I might find this frame between my Christmas present!

In the meantime,  you can listen to the Christmas donkey song, thinking about me!

Have a good weekend!

How can I have Sympathy For the Devil if he wears Prada Headphones?

6 Dec

I couldn’t believe to my eyes when I walked in Prada store in Venice on Sunday…Prada headphones, how crazy is that?

These Prada headphones comes with the usual trimmings of the Prada logo on the earcups themselves as well as the Prada triangle featured on the complimentary storage/carrying bag for the heaphones. Besides the presence of the Prada label, these on-ear headphones look pretty much identical to the Bose OE2 or the Phiaton PS320 headphones, popular on-ear headphones amongst travellers.

They must be damn good with £400 / $ 585 price tag! In store I saw the ladies versions as well, in pretty light pastel colours

Plus I saw the gift section with cute and funny teddy bears inspired key olders and charms…

and look at a prefect key ring for me…

I think I will finish off my Christmas shopping online…the town is crazy busy on lunchtime and you cannot shop without being pushed…And because I have started to feel the festive theme…for you my favourite Christmas song…how gorgeous was George Michael in this video???


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