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Proud of…whatever we like!

7 Sep

For some strange reason today I feel proud of being what I am, an Italian girl living abroad who doesn’t want to forget her culture. The Take That helped me this morning as well when I heard Never forget on BB radio1 and I totally disagree with Kanye West when he says I should forget where I came from in the song Can’t tell me nothing. It is maybe silly but today I am at home, on my own and I felt like have a friend around for lunch to talk about our things, I am here, in the kitchen preparing some basic, simple tomato sauce with garlic and basil and I thought about my mum, who’s been here with me for the past 10 days and she would have said, come on put some cheese on top, I got you the pecorino cheese last week! So I did, follow my Italian culinary mind and I am preparing a simple but tasty lunch that my British friend will be impressed of.

I am proud to be Italian today, for no reason. I am proud of where I come from, as I love my hometown. I am proud to embrace a different culture every day and compare that to mine. I am proud to travel a lot and discover new cultures, new Usi e Costumi from different countries. And I am proud of my mum for teaching me to cook. The simplest things are alway the best.

What are you proud of?

Have a great weekend!

Busy day but my week is over!

13 Oct

I have been arguing all day with the Vodafone customer service, I could not believe the rudeness of some people and the politeness of others… I’d like something in between please! Blackberry now is working but I’m still using the old device because the new one is fucked up, new software is good but the phone doesn’t support it very well….so…don’t let me go into again! Back home, back to brighton, dinner for two, two suitcases to pack and a very early night…as if I could fall asleep at 9pm…tomorrow morning at 5.30 we are off to Italy for the weekend, not my hometown this time…we are going to cernobbio, lake como, actually the clooney side of the lake, I cannot wait!!! Probably I won’t be able to update the blog day by day, sorry about that I will do a better version on monday with lots of pictures!!! Well…I wish (a bit early) a good weekend to everyone!! X

PS: just came back from Brighton, we discovered a place where they sell every type of cheese….. so we enjoyed a big cheese platter and a bottle of red wine, and of course I had to drive back home…but I’m here, so all it’s good!!!

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