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Happy Valentine’s day from a new pets lover, and from Coco of course! Let’s celebrate and why not plan a wedding…LOVE IS IN THE AIR!

14 Feb

love is in the airDear readers

I just wanted to wish you happy Valentine’s day. Ok, I do agree sometimes that Valentine’s day is a commercial thing, it’s all about spend money on flowers and chocolate to make the retailers rich…whatever, when you are in love you feel it today more than ever! My gorgeous Coco wanted to say Happy Valentine’s to everyone…and let’s all celebrate tonight…

And for the newly engaged…remember my Italian wedding planning services as well! www.italianweddinginwonderland.com

Have a great day everyone, love is in the air!!!



valentine's day love

valentine's day love

50 shades of so much fun, loved the birthday bash at the weekend! So many cool things to look forward to this week!

8 Jul

After a week back home in England, I got invited to my friend’s 30th birthday party over the weekend, the weather wasn’t supposed to be good at all but despite this we wanted to enjoy and have fun…I packed my bag on Saturday morning, kissed my husband and left, 80miles after it was time to celebrate her!

Great night, great food for dinner, great drinks and great music, 2 clubs later and so much laughs we made it home where we all stayed…unfortunately the girls kept on having fun I was kind of hugging the toilet, I didn’t handle the drinks too well (I still blame the crazy driving of the taxi driver!). A few hours later I managed to fall asleep and in the morning we were like, oh my god what happened last night? I suggested, let’s see the pictures! And memories came back…a la hangover the movie in a female classier version! I miss the fact to not being able to hang out with my Italian friends at the weekend, luckily I have found so many nice girlfriend over here that I love and they appreciate me…and my entertaining performances, like even falling down the stairs backwards in a slow motion, what champagne does to me!!! This week is going to be slow to start (still need to get rid of my sickness first!) 3 days at work, Thursday I have to be witness at my best friend’s wedding and I cannot wait and friday morning at 6am we fly to Saint Tropez for the weekend, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary…I cannot believe it has already been a year!!! So…I wish to everyone a great week!xxxx

The Hangover – part 2

4 Sep


Just woke up after the wedding day on the Isle of Wight and I feel my head a bit heavy! It was a nice day, it took us four hours to get there due to the traffic, the ferry and more traffic but it was a nice and pleasant day. B and J got married on a garden in front of family and friends, after that we had the speeches, toasts, and we cut the cake. I was a bit disappointed when they say, ok guys dinner is at 5pm (I’m a foodie and my previous meal was a yogurt at 9am for breakfast)! So for that reason we filled the lack of food with probably too much champagne! Vegetarian dinner at 5 was good and around 7.30 we hit the road to come back home and we stopped for a pizza on the way! Weather was good, 20 degrees, sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny and my outfit was good, thanks Miss Selfridge! I wish all the best to B and J!!!! Now some pictures…have a good Sunday you all, whatever you are up to.

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