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These ZARA boots are made for walking

19 Oct

These boots are made for walking,

and that’s just what they’ll do

one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

I have been looking for a few days all around the High Street for a pair of winter boots, I wanted something warm but pretty, something with heel (I was’t going to wear them everyday anyway) but I couldn’t find nothing that caught my attention, when today I walked in Zara in Brighton just to have a look and I saw these boots, I fall in love for it  and when I saw the price tag…well I fall in love even more, only £ 49!!

They are confortable, quite high (11,5 cms./ 4,53 inches) but easy to walk in, and the sheepskin is going to keep me warm, thank ZARA, again!!!

Totally obsessed with green

20 Sep

Today has been a boring day, I’m not feeling my best right now, I feel I’m just about to get a cold or a flu, the weather doesn’t help, today in Brighton the sky was miserably grey and it felt so windy, I haven’t been that busy at work so during lunch time I thought to go for a walk to fight my boredom and tiredness, thanks to the High Street I felt so much better! I went for a walk in H & M and I saw a dark green kimono dress…it made my day! I don’t know why I love the colour (or color depends which side of the Atlantic you are), I started to like it last year when I bought a Karen Miller bright green dress for a wedding (I couldn’t actually wear it for the occasion because my husband – my fiancé at the time banned me to wear it…well I worn it for my bachelorette’s party in Miami instead!).

I couldn’t believe how low cost shopping could make me feel so much better, a dress, a white shirt, three t-shirts and some socks made me happy and not bankrupt today!!!

I have an evening wedding invitation for Saturday night, what shall I wear? Help!!!! Still summery dresses or shall I go for something more fall-winter with darker colours? Or maybe something GREEN!!!

It’s Friday… I’m in love

2 Sep

Friday afternoon, 3.40pm, the best time ever to finish at work when you’re going to start your holiday, priceless!!

Friday the 2nd of September has been a good day for me, woke up happy and positive (despite the PMS 🙂 ) went to work, went shopping on my lunch time and I even found a skater dress to wear tomorrow in Miss Selfridge, quite happy about! I’m in charge to cook my famous lasagne tonight for dinner, my mother in law is coming over and with my best dish I never make a mistake! Wedding day tomorrow, Sunday relax and packing and Monday we’re off!

You can see the Miss Selfridge dress, it’s very basic but I’m planning to add an elastic belt, biker boots and leather jacket…it’s not going to be an ordinary wedding at the end of the day!

Have a great weekend you all 🙂

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