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I don’t care if Monday’s blue…

31 Oct

Best way to kickstart a new beginning of the week?? Book yourself a 9am appointment for a blood test! Weekend went down well…lots of food, lots of driving around and lots of films to watch!!! Not lots of drinking involved unfortunately…the price to pay to have my parents here for 11days!!! Three official countdowns have started…. -1 my husband is back, finally!!!!!
-4 to Miami, I cannot wait!
-6 to be in Miami, on my own, for 2 days, priceless!! Sunbathing and shopping, all I’m going to do!!!

While I start to dream which bikinis to bring with me…oh forgot I have already everything there…I wish to everyone an amazing week!!
Beat the monday blues…well beat the monday evening blues by now!!

The pleasure of being back home

1 Oct

I still cannot believe I’m back home with my family  after more than 10 weeks, I’m feeling like a teenager again and I love being spoilt by my parents!!!!!

Had a very nice dinner with them last night, my mum cooked for me aubergine parmigiana and I love it! But I started with a nice glass of Prosecco to celebrate my arrival + a big slice of focaccia from Genova, God I miss the Italian regional cuisine so much!

My Saturday morning started early, every time I come back my mum sends me to hospital for blood test, just to check if I’m all right (bless her, funny enough I had last blood test  7weeks ago, I should start to explain to my mum that we have doctors and hospitals in the United Kingdom as well!) 😉

After the hospital visit we went for breakfast and I was dying for a cappuccino and croissant with cream, amazing!

I have started to realise that I become happy with such as small things when I’m back, now after have been out shopping for a few hours I’m back home, waiting for another amazing lunch and in the afternoon probably family again, aunts, cousins etc, and tonight, finally tonight, it’s time to go out with my friends! I haven’t seen my best friend since my wedding and I cannot wait to see her, hopefully we are not going to cry when we will see each other!

My Italian day so far has been great, and it will be amazing all weekend long, cheers!!!!!

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