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I never want to grow up; I am obsessed with Hello Kitty!!!

30 Aug

When I was in vacation in America last month when I saw these shoes I had to get them, so I did. Hello kitty black Vans shoes…when my husband saw me on my return he said: Anna….are you not old enough? Well apparently not!!!

My blackberry at the moment is playing up and it is away for repair and I am struggling to keep up with emails, bbm and blogging as well and I do apologize for this, I am actually thinking to ditch the blackberry and move on to and Iphone, mostly for those pictures I have found online…Hello Kitty obsessed!!!

Busy day but my week is over!

13 Oct

I have been arguing all day with the Vodafone customer service, I could not believe the rudeness of some people and the politeness of others… I’d like something in between please! Blackberry now is working but I’m still using the old device because the new one is fucked up, new software is good but the phone doesn’t support it very well….so…don’t let me go into again! Back home, back to brighton, dinner for two, two suitcases to pack and a very early night…as if I could fall asleep at 9pm…tomorrow morning at 5.30 we are off to Italy for the weekend, not my hometown this time…we are going to cernobbio, lake como, actually the clooney side of the lake, I cannot wait!!! Probably I won’t be able to update the blog day by day, sorry about that I will do a better version on monday with lots of pictures!!! Well…I wish (a bit early) a good weekend to everyone!! X

PS: just came back from Brighton, we discovered a place where they sell every type of cheese….. so we enjoyed a big cheese platter and a bottle of red wine, and of course I had to drive back home…but I’m here, so all it’s good!!!

Work in progress

12 Oct

I am very angry, really angry right now. Wrote a post on my new blackberry 9900, 8 days with me and only a few hours of battery life, ok back up and use again the old blackberry, couldn’t back up, lost lots of info + because the 3 days of crash from RIM I cannot re configure the emails, let alone receive them!!! Very angry….. Blackberry is really driving me crazy now, is it a coincidence that all this happened a week after poor steve job (bless his heart) passed away?? Maybe… I wish a nice evening to everyone. X


5 Oct

I’m so sorry I did not have enough time to write on my blog on Tuesday but it has been a very busy day! Got up with a very big headache, done some cleaning, did some work for the office, made lunch for me and my husband, went to the doctor (again…I will call myself Mrs blood test from now on…) and went to Vodafone to get my new Blackberry 9900…finally after 10 days it arrived! Unfortunately the guys tried to back up my old Blackberry on the new one but without success, and in the meantime they told me to go for a coffee..well I gave up coffee for tea so I went around the shops in town and I could not notice sales half price at La Senza, who doesn’t need a new bra and some pants??? My phone wasn’t ready, I had to rush at home to go to southampton to see friends, so I had to leave the new one at home in the box!!! Nice to see J and B again and have a nice Italian dinner, when I see San Pellegrino water, Birra Moretti and pizza in front of me my heart melts!!!

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