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Clearly time flies when you are having fun! Six months later Anna is back

25 Aug

Dear readers

I seriously couldn’t believe that it has been six months since my last post, where does time go?? Apologies for the lack of posts, I just haven’t realised I have been on the “missing blog person list” for such a long time, thanks to wordpress for reminding me by email on Monday!annainnherwonderland and coco.jpeg

AS I said clearly time goes by too quickly when you are having a good time (Dear Madonna I love your confession on a dance floor album, but how can you say Time goes by…so slowly?! that’s a lie!!)

I have turned 32 last week, so this is the proof that time flies quite fast,as I am not 25 anymore.

I have been travelling and cooking, and the usual stuff as normal but somehow I forgot about the blog, sorry! I have been back and forth from Miami a few times, went to the South of France for a lovely family holiday and went to the Italian riviera to celebrate my husband’s birthday and to spend time with my family, in between aperitifs and dinners!

On a lovely relaxing evening out with Coco overlooking the sunset with a glass of prosecco I suddenly realised, it is time to post something on the blog. I keep well as usual, just one year older damn it…I do have the feeling that people always overshare with social media, me included, and  probably that’s why I haven’t felt like posting for a while, but I am back with some amazing memories of travels  and good times to share with you.

To the next post….hopefully sooner than later!



Two years of blogging, a foodie weekend away in the Italian Riviera, good memories and a bit of homesickness!

28 Aug

Dear readers

I spent three amazing days with my husband and my parents in their place by the seaside in the Italian Riviera and every time I go there I feel like I am a little girl again, I have so many memories of my childhood in that place that every time I have to leave again I feel a bit of a pain in my heart…but I look forward every time to go back there next summer! The weekend was all about to celebrate my birthday and to spend some quality time with my family that I don’t see as much unfortunately. One lunch after another, one drink after the other, one dinner after the other…I might have put some weight on but I don’t care, I love it!! How can I “diet” where there is focaccia, fresh pasta shop and great seafood in every corner?? You can now see some pictures of the weekend…and I realised as well that I have been blogging for two years now…time flies and I still love blogging, thanks to all my supporters that read my posts all the time and keep me motivated to carry on to write the diary of my life!!! xxx


My breakfast!! Focaccia genovese and caffelatte…yum!

Italian Riviera weekend (1)

Waiting for the drinksItalian Riviera weekend (2)

My lovely present from my cousin!Italian Riviera weekend (3)

Italian Riviera weekend (4)

Italian Riviera weekend (5)

My parents joining us on the evening aperitifItalian Riviera weekend (6)

Italian Riviera weekend (7)

Italian Riviera weekend (8)

Dinner timeItalian Riviera weekend (9)

Italian Riviera weekend (10)

Italian Riviera weekend (11)

The beauty of the town, the Cathedral Italian Riviera weekend (16)

My husband doing Daniel Craig 🙂Italian Riviera weekend (15)

Italian Riviera weekend (14)

Italian Riviera weekend (13)

Obsessed with limoncello?Italian Riviera weekend (12)

Italian Riviera weekend (17)

Italian Riviera weekend (18)

The Flavor market with local productsItalian Riviera weekend (19)

Italian Riviera weekend (20)

Italian Riviera weekend (21)

Italian Riviera weekend (22)

Italian Riviera weekend (23)

Italian Riviera weekend (24)

Another aperitif on the main squareItalian Riviera weekend (25)

Good pizzaItalian Riviera weekend (26)

And of course we needed some ice cream after!

Italian Riviera weekend (27)

Italian Riviera weekend (28)

Italian Riviera weekend (29)

Italian Riviera weekend (30)

Italian Riviera weekend (31)

Another lunch out

Italian Riviera weekend (35)

Italian Riviera weekend (34)

Italian Riviera weekend (32)

We don’t need the menu here…

Italian Riviera weekend (33)

And finally Goodbye Chiavari, I heart you.

Italian Riviera weekend (36)xxx

My birthday has gone but I will keep on celebrating this weekend down in the Italian Riviera with the family, bring it on!

22 Aug

Hello readers

On Monday I celebrated my birthday, the big 29, I am not going to tell my age anymore I am going to stop here, at 29! I had a lovely birthday lunch in London with good friends, good food and good sushi…yes we went to Nobu in Park Lane, I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to go back there! At the moment I am all obsessed with fish and that sushi was just something else…oh god I feel hungry now!

I just cannot still realised that I turned 29, I mean I still feel like I am 17…but clearly I am not anymore … anyway I must admit it is not easy at all for me to celebrate my birthday in England when my family and friends are in Italy..despite how nice it can be  here with my husband and the few friends I have it does not feel the same unfortunately, and I do miss it!

Tomorrow we are flying down to visit my parents in the Italian Riviera for a few days and I simply cannot wait to spend some good time with them! I should get baking when I am back…have you seen one of my birthday presents?

Have a great weekend everyone


kitchen aid birthday present

my birthday  (2)

lunch at nobu park lane london (2)

lunch at nobu park lane london (1)

my birthday  (1)

anna and Britto nobu

my birthday  (3)

Happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to my blog!!! Holidaying in the Italian Riviera with family not enjoying too much the heat wave, luckily back in cold United Kingdom!

24 Aug

Hello dear readers,

I am sorry to have not written on the blog for such a long time but I was enjoying too much my holiday with my parents, relatives and cousins down in the Italian Riviera, now I am back home and I have more time to keep you updated with my realities…I am growing old, last Sunday (19th August) I turned 28…oh my!!! I had a lovely day with my husband and my family going to the beach, sunbathing, eating, drinking…drinking again and so on! I love so much that part of Italy as I said before, I spent so many summers there when I was a child that the place has so many memories for me…love it!

My husband the day after my birthday had to leave and my cousins came down in holiday to spend time with us, it was good to hang out with them. Probably 1 or 2 kilos more but it doesn’t matter, a diet always starts on Monday. I cannot believe my blog is turning 1 year old, it seems just yesterday that I have started to put down on Word my words…so glad that my readers keep on follow me and my adventures!

And I have to apologize to Askmystyle (http://askmystyle.com/) who gave me an award last week, the beautiful blogger award….I am sorry I am just doing that very slowly! Blogging gives me so many satisfactions, thanks to all!!!!


50 shades of so much fun, loved the birthday bash at the weekend! So many cool things to look forward to this week!

8 Jul

After a week back home in England, I got invited to my friend’s 30th birthday party over the weekend, the weather wasn’t supposed to be good at all but despite this we wanted to enjoy and have fun…I packed my bag on Saturday morning, kissed my husband and left, 80miles after it was time to celebrate her!

Great night, great food for dinner, great drinks and great music, 2 clubs later and so much laughs we made it home where we all stayed…unfortunately the girls kept on having fun I was kind of hugging the toilet, I didn’t handle the drinks too well (I still blame the crazy driving of the taxi driver!). A few hours later I managed to fall asleep and in the morning we were like, oh my god what happened last night? I suggested, let’s see the pictures! And memories came back…a la hangover the movie in a female classier version! I miss the fact to not being able to hang out with my Italian friends at the weekend, luckily I have found so many nice girlfriend over here that I love and they appreciate me…and my entertaining performances, like even falling down the stairs backwards in a slow motion, what champagne does to me!!! This week is going to be slow to start (still need to get rid of my sickness first!) 3 days at work, Thursday I have to be witness at my best friend’s wedding and I cannot wait and friday morning at 6am we fly to Saint Tropez for the weekend, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary…I cannot believe it has already been a year!!! So…I wish to everyone a great week!xxxx

Cheers to a bloody cold this weekend….I’ll drink to that!

29 Jan

Weekend, good times, amazing friends, birthday party, house warming party, cakes, good food, good drinks…DIY, Sunday roast, lots of cleaning…and a damn cold that doesn’t let me breathe…shame!

I’m sat down on the sofa so amazed to see my husband glued to the TV screen watching Top Gear the new series…can someone explain me why men are crazy for it? I cannot stand those three idiots let alone fast cars…come on Thinkerbell you can do better (my lovely Smart…)

Shall I hit the gym tomorrow morning? Well why not…to be continued!

Have a good end of the weekend everyone!


By the way I have been called Kermit this weekend…because of my J brand Emerald skinny jeans!

Happy birthday….to someone REALLY SPECIAL !!!!

24 Jan

Happy birthday to my mum today….the best mum you can have.

Shame I’m not back in Italy to celebrate all together!!!!


We found love in a hopeless place…VENICE!

5 Dec

I have been there 3 times before but this time it’s the first time I can officially say
I left my heart in Venice, or Venezia as my fellow Italians friend say…it was great!
San Marco Square, the Doge’s Palace, il Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), the Gran Canal, the Rialto’s bridge, the gondolas, the vaporetto, the Aperitif, The Aperol Spritz, the prosecco, il cicchetto (the local appetizers that line the counters of little pubs all over town at the end of each workday), lo sgroppino (as refreshing as lemon sorbet on a hot summer’s day and as thirst-quenching as a sparkling wine, sgroppino is a Venetian dessert that combines both), the cuttle fish venetian style, my list is never ending!
I had a great time with my husband, my mum in law and it was amazing to celebrate my dad’s birthday all together yesterday…I think the pictures will speak for me.
Have a great day you all and please, if you have the chance go to visit Venice!!!!

My parents!!!! Happy birthday again DaD!

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