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Feeling the spring, love the warm temperature….and I can’t wait to wear my new bikinis! H&M swimwear collection

23 Mar

I was still in vacation last week when my best friend Anna texted me: Dear friend, you must go to H&M, I just bought two amazing bikinis, pictures to follow! This week when I finally had a bit of time to sat down with my laptop, I thought: I’ll go to have a look and of course, I liked the swimwear collection immediately and I ordered 2 bikinis straight away, still waiting for them to turn up but there is no rush, I need them in 38 days! Do you want to have a look? These two are the one I bought

And this one is in my wish list…so pretty!

Going to hit the high street again today, lovely gorgeous day so why not go to the seafront and have a look at the shops? Have a great day everyone! And a great weekend too!


I found love in a hopeless place….I love Barbados already!

4 Jan

Hello everyone,

So glad we left the freezing cold Miami this morning, I couldn’t believe how cold it went yesterday and today…we were probably 40 degrees…or 5degrees I should say for the Europeans! 3 and half hours flight, and I think we landed in paradise…I love Barbados already! Sandy beaches, hot weather, friendly people, good rum….and I fell in love!!! Our special honeymoon in a special place…I’m going to tweet rihanna soon if she’d like to meet up with us! I’ll let the beautiful pictures to speak….

Oops I did it again…

31 Aug

Online shopping hits again my fragile persona… I’m a victim of all the newsletters I receive at work! Wednesday morning, 11AM, the system at work crashed…10 minutes spare, an email that talks about bikini clearance…20% off, I thought about my best friends who calls me The Queen of Cheap & Chic and what happened? A new bikini is on its way to Miami…come on every girl needs a new bikini, well if that girl is going in holiday in 5 days! God bless Victoria’s Secret… Can’t wait to see the London stores soon, didn’t you know?


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