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Blogging from a cloudy paradise, probably a tornado is coming, not much sunshine so only retail therapy can save my life!

26 Jun

So many things happened in the past few days that I haven’t actually had time to realise everything, arrived in Miami, went to Bahamas by boat (what a trauma!!!), came back early due to the horrible weather, in Miami again but the weather is not better than Bahamas plus the humidity is crazy….not much to do so we did hit the shops, Aventura mall and Bal Harbor ! In the next few days I will update you all with the pictures from Bimini, met nice people but shame we couldn’t enjoy it totally!!! Just about to hit downtown Miami for some sushi…bring it on!!


That’s what we were supposed to do in Bahamas, not coming back!

Bal Harbor mall, north miami

That’s the closest I will ever go to a pair of Louboutin shoes….

I had a dream….but I went for something for suitable for my pockets!

It’s been a busy day!

9 Sep

What a Friday in Miami…we are renovating our kitchen in our condo and this morning has been only smashing the old kitchen, take stuff away, helping my husband to clear it up and after four hours of hard work I’m by the pool, enjoying another amazing and hot day while my husband is building the new kitchen…it looks more like a big puzzle to me!

Going back one day, yesterday we went shopping to Aventura mall, I love that shopping center, it makes feel my beloved Orio Center a small shop! Went around the shopping for a good few hours and after 6PM we discovered the were “celebrating” the fashion night out, so every shop had a DJ in with loud music and champagne, good place to be! Got some more stuff from Victoria’s Secret…forgot to mention I got through the mail my new bikini, I haven’t worn it yet, I need to be super tanned and maybe I need to eat less burgers! 😉

After the shopping trip we discovered a new cool place for dinner called Pubbelly, thanks to a very nice girl who lives here that recommended this restaurant to us! Gastro pub tapas inspired with lots of great food and very nice atmosphere, it’s going to be another good local place for us to go!

What’s on for today? Friday… I could do with an happy hour at the Mondrian, just next door, dressing up, nice dinner and who knows? That’s Miami baby…


Have a good friday night you all!!!

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