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All the way around the island…in our mini car! Enjoyed the real Barbados! And now…back to Miami!

10 Jan

I apologize but in Barbados I had some wi fi trouble at the resort,so frustrating when 2 days ago I spent half an hour to write thw blog, reduce the pics and all that, ready to blog and I couldn’t! So… Back to Miami for a few days…but I’d like to show the post I wrote 2 days ago, shall we go back time? I hope you don’t mind!

8th January 2012

Feeling very tired and I start to feel my skin hitchy and a bit burnt from the strong Caribbean sun, but I still love here!!! Shame that tomorrow we are leaving the island,but we are going back to Miami so, it is not going to be that traumatic! Rented a car for the day and off we went to explore the island, we met a tour guide..allegedly…jumped in the car with us and went around with him, on saint Lucy to see were the Atlantic ocean touches the barbadian shores…went to see the goats and the Cowes overlooking the bay, saw the big mushroom rocks where once the sea was arriving inland…left him and lighter by 50 us dollars we went to the east coast and we ended up in a town called Bathsheba, a surfing paradise!!! Love it here so much…shall I let the picture to speak? Let’s go!

I found love in a hopeless place….I love Barbados already!

4 Jan

Hello everyone,

So glad we left the freezing cold Miami this morning, I couldn’t believe how cold it went yesterday and today…we were probably 40 degrees…or 5degrees I should say for the Europeans! 3 and half hours flight, and I think we landed in paradise…I love Barbados already! Sandy beaches, hot weather, friendly people, good rum….and I fell in love!!! Our special honeymoon in a special place…I’m going to tweet rihanna soon if she’d like to meet up with us! I’ll let the beautiful pictures to speak….

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