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Two years of blogging, a foodie weekend away in the Italian Riviera, good memories and a bit of homesickness!

28 Aug

Dear readers

I spent three amazing days with my husband and my parents in their place by the seaside in the Italian Riviera and every time I go there I feel like I am a little girl again, I have so many memories of my childhood in that place that every time I have to leave again I feel a bit of a pain in my heart…but I look forward every time to go back there next summer! The weekend was all about to celebrate my birthday and to spend some quality time with my family that I don’t see as much unfortunately. One lunch after another, one drink after the other, one dinner after the other…I might have put some weight on but I don’t care, I love it!! How can I “diet” where there is focaccia, fresh pasta shop and great seafood in every corner?? You can now see some pictures of the weekend…and I realised as well that I have been blogging for two years now…time flies and I still love blogging, thanks to all my supporters that read my posts all the time and keep me motivated to carry on to write the diary of my life!!! xxx


My breakfast!! Focaccia genovese and caffelatte…yum!

Italian Riviera weekend (1)

Waiting for the drinksItalian Riviera weekend (2)

My lovely present from my cousin!Italian Riviera weekend (3)

Italian Riviera weekend (4)

Italian Riviera weekend (5)

My parents joining us on the evening aperitifItalian Riviera weekend (6)

Italian Riviera weekend (7)

Italian Riviera weekend (8)

Dinner timeItalian Riviera weekend (9)

Italian Riviera weekend (10)

Italian Riviera weekend (11)

The beauty of the town, the Cathedral Italian Riviera weekend (16)

My husband doing Daniel Craig 🙂Italian Riviera weekend (15)

Italian Riviera weekend (14)

Italian Riviera weekend (13)

Obsessed with limoncello?Italian Riviera weekend (12)

Italian Riviera weekend (17)

Italian Riviera weekend (18)

The Flavor market with local productsItalian Riviera weekend (19)

Italian Riviera weekend (20)

Italian Riviera weekend (21)

Italian Riviera weekend (22)

Italian Riviera weekend (23)

Italian Riviera weekend (24)

Another aperitif on the main squareItalian Riviera weekend (25)

Good pizzaItalian Riviera weekend (26)

And of course we needed some ice cream after!

Italian Riviera weekend (27)

Italian Riviera weekend (28)

Italian Riviera weekend (29)

Italian Riviera weekend (30)

Italian Riviera weekend (31)

Another lunch out

Italian Riviera weekend (35)

Italian Riviera weekend (34)

Italian Riviera weekend (32)

We don’t need the menu here…

Italian Riviera weekend (33)

And finally Goodbye Chiavari, I heart you.

Italian Riviera weekend (36)xxx

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, an Italian Christmas!!! Love being home surrounded by family and friends and off to Miami with my husband in 3 days!

24 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Everywhere you go;
Take a look in the five-and-ten, glistening once again
With candy canes and silver lanes aglow.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Toys in every store,
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

Do you feel the festive spirit? Do you feel the love in the air? I do and I am so happy to breathe an Italian Christmas again! I have been back since Thursday and I have been non-stop as usual and I am looking forward to celebrate tonight with friends and to celebrate tomorrow with the family, Happy Christmas everyone…now some pictures of the past few days!


Christmas in Milan Italy

santa lucia sweet box

ready to go out fucsia jacket

Parmesan cheese at the supermarket love it

menabrea beer section

key west santa surfing

Isotta the family dog

futuristic christmas tree

christmas decoration key west

car wash for mini cooper blogger of the day 22nd December

bellavista aperitif

aperitif with Bellavista

An Italian weekend in pictures, thanks to my Blackberry!

19 Feb

I don’t understand what’s going on with the WordPress site, I still have to use my ipod to post but it doesn’t matter… i’ll try anyway, fighting the touch screen! Friday night, birthday party, saturday night, dinner with friends, i will go on a diet from wednesday I promise, why not monday?? Well let me spend fat tuesday in a good way!
















An ordinary weekend in the South of England…enjoying and not!

21 Jan

The best way to start the weekend is having a good drink. Or even better an aperitif, Italian style. Some pieces of parmesan cheese, some slices of salame, and the venetian aperitif, Spritz, a combination of aperol soda, prosecco, and soda…best way to start a Friday night.

Saturday, wake up at 10am is priceless. Have a cappuccino and a croissant makes me feel like I’m back to Italy, even if I’m not.  Wear my Hello Kitty gown I got from my husband for Christmas is even better.

Cook a soup from scratch for lunch…is great. I love cooking and I’m so proud of myself

Saturday afternoon, have 4 teenagers at home is not cool. I mean, it’s ok, just a bit noisy.

Saturday afternoon, meet up with a fellow Italian is great. Drinking Birra Moretti is even better. (even if it’s makes me wee so much).

Having dinner in plus it’s going to be an homemade dinner cooked by my husband, not indian food or some strange kind of take away is even better.

More drinks? Why not… shall we crack the champagne???

Have a good weekend everyone!!!


We found love in a hopeless place…VENICE!

5 Dec

I have been there 3 times before but this time it’s the first time I can officially say
I left my heart in Venice, or Venezia as my fellow Italians friend say…it was great!
San Marco Square, the Doge’s Palace, il Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), the Gran Canal, the Rialto’s bridge, the gondolas, the vaporetto, the Aperitif, The Aperol Spritz, the prosecco, il cicchetto (the local appetizers that line the counters of little pubs all over town at the end of each workday), lo sgroppino (as refreshing as lemon sorbet on a hot summer’s day and as thirst-quenching as a sparkling wine, sgroppino is a Venetian dessert that combines both), the cuttle fish venetian style, my list is never ending!
I had a great time with my husband, my mum in law and it was amazing to celebrate my dad’s birthday all together yesterday…I think the pictures will speak for me.
Have a great day you all and please, if you have the chance go to visit Venice!!!!

My parents!!!! Happy birthday again DaD!

I heart BG

3 Oct

I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I’m close to something real
I wanna find something I’ve wanted all along
Somewhere I belong…

Linkin Park used to sing this lyric and it made me think about last night in town with my friends, I felt like a tourist in my own town but I felt that connection I missed for so long, I love Bergamo!

I still cannot believe how hot it is still, 29 degrees ( or 84 it’s up to you) and  around town it was so busy, lots of people walking around the shops, enjoying the aperitif time, chatting away with everyone…that’s what I miss so much!

After the aperitif we went to get the cable railway and another world opened up in front of my eyes, Bergamo Alta or Città Alta for everyone else…this  old part of town it’s particularly close to my heart because my husband asked me to marry him under the arches of Piazza Vecchia, the main old square, so you can understand the feeling when I arrive here!

Dinner was great, salame, cheeses, white wine, red wine, polenta, sausages, porcini mushrooms, I need a diet soon!! Walking around town for an ice cream it’s the final best thing to end your evening…I’m just about to fly back home in a few hours, and I do miss already all this so much!!!

For all my friends, Anna, Raffaele, Christian, Marco, Lory, Nicola…you made my weekend unforgettable! I love you all!








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