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I left my heart on Lake Como, once again! Wedding planning is the way forward, amazing wedding for my clients

31 Jul

Dear Readers

I haven’t been around for a few months and I apologise for that, I did not forget my blog but unfortunately the last few months have been quite busy with travelling and wedding planning and now I am back. I spent 9 days in Italy last week to attend and coordinate the wedding of my British clients which it was absolutely AMAZING!!!

Villa del Balbianello and Lido di Lenno on Lake Como (not far from Laglio, George Clooney’s town) are stunning and the ceremony, the food, the cake, the flowers and the party were incredible, worth the hard months of planning, I just published the THANK YOU to all the suppliers on my website Italianweddinginwonderland.com but I am going to do it here too to give them the visibility they deserve

Maia and Ricky’s wedding, Villa del Balbianello and Lido di Lenno (Lake Como, Italy)

 I am so proud to have organized the wedding of Maia and Ricky, a lovely young couple from Brighton, parents to their little gorgeous daughter India, who contacted me in April 2014 when they were travelling around the lake Como seeking for their perfect wedding venue to tie the knot. We have been working closely together in the past 15 months with emails, phone calls and meetings (where I enjoyed cuddle up with India while talking about wedding planning).
Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (2)For their wedding venue they have chosen Villa del Balbianello, a stunning villa that was built in 1787 on the site of a Franciscan monastery for the Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini. After the cardinal’s death in 1796 Giuseppe Arconati Visconti bought the villa and made improvements to its gardens and the loggia. In the nineteenth century the villa belonged to the Porro-Lambertenghi family. By the early twentieth century the buildings had fallen into a state of neglect when an American businessman, Butler Ames, purchased and renovated the villa and its garden. In 1974 it was bought by the explorer Guido Monzino (leader of the first Italian expedition to climb Mount Everest), who filled it with rich collections, including artifacts acquired on his expeditions. Monzino, who died in 1988, left the villa to the Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano, the National Trust of Italy. Famous too for its “role” on films including A month by the lake (1995), Casino Royale (2006). The villa was also used for the lake retreat scenes in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) however CGI was used in place of the building’s true exterior.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (4)The bride and the groom spent some days around Tremezzo and Lenno back in 2014 when the bride was pregnant looking for wedding venues and by recommendation of a restaurant owner from Tremezzo (thanks to Alex at the Red and White restaurant), they visited Balbianello and they fell in love for it and they decided they big day was going to be there.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (3) The catering has been provided by Lido di Lenno, restaurant, bar and club situated just 2 minutes boat ride from Balbianello, venue chosen by the bride and groom to carry on the wedding party after the ceremony and wedding breakfast at the historic villa. I must admit as a foodie I loved spending my time translating wedding menus for my clients, I also had the pleasure to travel to Como with the bride in May to do the food tasting and the food was superb, on the tasting day and even better on the wedding day. The staff at Lido di Lenno is truly professional, precise, friendly and accommodating to all our requests, and I will look forward to work with Diego, Nathalie and their team again in the future and recommend them to all my future clients interested in the Lake Como area.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (5) A huge thanks to Pasticceria Ramperti located in Cermenate (Como) for the stunning looking and tasty wedding cake for my clients. For who doesn’t know this patisserie is very well known, not for nothing George Clooney asked them to make his wedding cake for his Venetian wedding to Amal Clooney, née Alamuddin.

 The photographer who worked closely with Maia and Ricky is the British photographer Philip Bedford based in Brighton, who flew the day before the wedding day and captured precious moment of the wedding preparation at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and in the stunning setting of Villa del Balbianello.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (7) A big thank you for the flowers arrangement made by Barbara Botta Fiori, flower designer based in Cernobbio (Como), the bride wanted a rustic theme using sunflowers and the bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and the center tables were absolutely stunning and they worked so well with the casual yet sophisticate style of their wedding.

 A big thanks to the Ufficio di stato civile at Tremezzina town hall especially to Paola Codara, who has been so understanding and thanks for all your help with the wedding procedure and a huge thanks to Rita Annunziata, the official translator/tourist guide who translated the ceremony with the bride and groom, adding a touch of Italian fun to the day.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (1)

I must mention the boat transfer service provided by Igor De Ascentis, who brought the groom and groomsmen and bride and bridesmaids from Lenno main square to Villa del Balbianello in a wooden boat which gave such a great touch to the whole wedding, and thanks a lot to his colleague Daniel Carminati to have taken all the 60 + guests including me to the venue and back for a mini lake trip before kick starting the party at Lido di Lenno.

Balbianello lake como Italian wedding (7) I am sure I have forgotten someone and if I did please forgive me, I am so pleased about how this stunning wedding turned out, the weather was amazing and we were very lucky despite the weather forecast, I am so pleased to have met and to be now in contact with so many nice people, all so helpful and friendly, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience on the shores of Lake Como, where four years ago I got married myself. And what’s better than receive a call from my bride a few days after who said:

“Anna, thank you, Friday was the best day of my life”. Well, this is the biggest satisfaction.

Feliz Navidad Prospero año y Felicidad, Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo, Merry Christmas and happy new year, feeling festive and ready to go!

17 Dec

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since my last post, so much went on and now, that I am getting ready to fly home to spend Christmas time with family and friends, I found a few spare minutes for my blog, I am not neglecting it but sometimes it’s hard to find time for everything!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time already, last minute wrapping presents, my suitcase to fill, the smell of winter in the air…loving this time a year!

Recently I have been busy organising a surprise birthday party for my mother in law which went so well, all the family and friends here at home for Sunday lunch of celebrations, such a good event!

From party planning to wedding planning…to DIY expert…we are doing some renovation at home, having a new bathroom fitted upstairs and of course my husband and a friends are working on it, and every hour you can hear : Anna…can you go to wickes or B&Q to get this…this and this?? I even have a DIY account at the local store now!!

Bathroom apart now it’s time to get ready to go home, Italy I am coming!!! Coming back here on Boxing day and fly away again for new year’s eve in Miami…it sounds like our usual good plan!!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year everybody!!!


Cover up it’s cold outside!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (1)

Coco doing what she does best…

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (2)

So obsessed with babies and so in love with my little friend

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (3)

Memories I found online of the Poker run…back soon!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (4)

Macaroons…my latest discovery!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (5)

Ready to party coco!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (6)

Our Christmas…card?annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (8)

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (9)

Hanging around the Christmas tree…

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (10)

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (11)

Day of shopping in London…with a lovely lobster lunch at Burger and Lobster!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (12)

Day of shopping with good friends!!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (13)

And my friend Anna knows me well…thanks!!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (14)

The cat under the tree…escaping from the dog

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (16)

My little friend Evie!!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (17)

Saturday night…we needed a drink!annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (15)

Night out in Brighton with my new knee high boots, festive!

annainherwonderland Christmas 2014 (18)

Birthdays, babies, pets, friends from abroad and lots of travelling around, Anna in her wonderland turns 30 tomorrow, let’s celebrate!!!

18 Aug

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (23)

Dear readers

in less than 24 hours it will be my birthday, exactly 9 days after my husband’s birthday and we cannot wait to go to London to celebrate the event with our good friends, I can’t still believe the number…it feels like yesterday when I turned 18, or 20, or 24…30 seems such a big and imposing number!

I have had a few busy days last week, we had some friends over from the States and we have been enjoying the English countryside, with lots of food and drinks…that’s why I have been Booze Free since Thursday, but I so look forward to crack the rose’ champagne tonight to start the celebrations!

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (25)

An Italian trip in a few days, a trip to Ibiza in September…and Miami to come soon enough to keep me busy and look forward the next move. So obsessed with pets and babies at the moment, I went to visit friends last week I and get so happy around the babies and toddler…will it be our turn soon? Hopefully!

I wish you all an amazing week!!!



Our first birthday cake made by our friends daughters, so sweet!

annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (3)

My latest obsession, Benson the bulldogannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (2) Cavalier king charles meeting upannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (5)On a windy day out and about in Brighton
annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (10) Smoothie o’clock, trying to detoxannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (9) Sunday roast at the local pub with my American girlfriendannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (7) And a British afternoon teaannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (6) Happy birthday to my gorgeous husbandannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (11) I want kids right now, look how gorgeous Christian is!!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (12) So obsessed!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (13) And his little sister who likes to take selfies with Annaannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (14) annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (15)Cocktail o’clock at Aqua Kyoto in London
annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (17) annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (18) My first 30th birthday card!!!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (20) Manicure monday, I love my Cake Pop shellac colour!annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (24) And why not photobomb Coco??annainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (22) My gorgeous babyannainherwonderland turns 30 blog post august 14 (21)

The World Cup, the baking and the travelling…Anna in her wonderland is keeping busy!

15 Jun

Hello dear readers

I am so excited over the World Cup that you will not believe, I don’t normally care about football generally but when the World Cup is on I suddenly feel really excited and I feel for my country even more, especially since I have moved to England over 5 years ago…and how better could have the World Cup started for me? England vs Italy, oh my! Shame that my husband is not into football but it was so much fun to watch the match at home with British friends, I was cheering, I was screaming, I was dancing around…I was so happy that Italy won! And I am so pleased to go to visit my family in Italy this week, I haven’t been back since February and I seriously cannot wait to fly back!

I have started to go back to the gym since the Miami trip, with not much success…while I work out I think what I am going to bake later…is that good or not? And of course cooking is still my main hobby right now, the cashiers at the local grocery store might think I am mad, I keep on going in to get more ingredients for my creations! Anyway the summer is here and I must admit the weather has been great lately; hopefully it will keep on being summer!!



Sunny day at home

annainherwonderland june 2014 (1)

Followed by a rainy day at the go kart

annainherwonderland june 2014 (2)

Some flowers to bright up a gloomy day

annainherwonderland june 2014 (3)

And a chocolate and pecan cake to make the day sweeter

annainherwonderland june 2014 (4)

I miss Miami so Cuban dinner in the countryside

annainherwonderland june 2014 (5)

Meeting friends, and their new pet

annainherwonderland june 2014 (6)

annainherwonderland june 2014 (7)

Sunny day in Whitstable

annainherwonderland june 2014 (8)

Gone to the beach for the day

annainherwonderland june 2014 (9)

So much joy to meet Christian, the new arrival, so much love for him already!

annainherwonderland june 2014 (10)

Dinner sorted with broccoli and bacon

annainherwonderland june 2014 (11)

Working out makes me hungry and I was dreaming about this cake!

annainherwonderland june 2014 (12)

My job in a sunny day

annainherwonderland june 2014 (13)

Little fluffy clouds

annainherwonderland june 2014 (14)

Sunny day, total white

annainherwonderland june 2014 (15)

Waiting for the sun to go down

annainherwonderland june 2014 (16)

annainherwonderland june 2014 (17)

Coconut muffin to bright up a rainy afternoon

annainherwonderland june 2014 (18)

And the sunshine is back!

annainherwonderland june 2014 (19)

And some chocolate and raspberries brownies for the weekend

annainherwonderland june 2014 (20)

And feeling proud of my Italian team!annainherwonderland june 2014 (21)

Sunshine, upgraded car and online shopping….the Anna in her wonderland chronicles

10 Mar

Dear readers

I hope you all had a very nice weekend, here in the south east the weather has been glorious and we enjoyed being outdoors and going out…goodbye winter and welcome spring, please last!

Last Monday we collected my new car, which I am very pleased to drive around, I am just a bit concerned by the size of it. My first car (in Italy) was a Smart, I had a Smart when I moved to England (2 seats), we bought an Audi A1 two years ago (4 seats) and now we just upgraded myself to a 7 seats…I think I can get pregnant now that I have a big car! 😉

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (1)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (5)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (2)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (3)

In the past week I tried to work hard at the gym…failing! But me and Coco enjoyed long walks in the country that should still count as a workout…please allow me this! The passion for baking hasn’t gone and my last creation was a recipe that I highly customised … chocolate cake with Frangelico liquor and hazelnut…so tasty!

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (18)

But for some strange reason despite all my baking I still look quite skinny and I can’t believe I managed to squeeze myself into a size 12/13 years denim shorts from H&M…bring it on sunshine!!!

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (10)

I feel rather green at the moment…thanks to my latest high street purchase in Italy, a pair of green heels which they perfectly match one of my cashmere sweater…but anyway let’s not talk too much about wintery clothes…I am going to be in Miami in a week time, bring it on Miami Music Conference and bring it on summery online shopping! (all done this morning…to beat the Monday blues)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (13)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (12)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (11)

I wish you all a great week ahead

With love


Coco like the more spacious car

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (6)

And loves a monday night out at the pub

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (7)

And a good sleep with legs crossed

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (9)

The sun is out so let’s enjoy it

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (14)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (15)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (17)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (19)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (20)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (21)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (23)

Saturday lunchtime out at the pub
anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (24)

Another nap for coco

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (25)

Gettin ready to go out

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (26)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (27)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (28)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (32)

Sunday night yet again another pub

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (33)

I feel so bad to have eaten crispy duck last night!!

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (34)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (35)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (36)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (37)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (38)

anna in her wonderland - blog post 10march14 (39)

Anna goes to Italy : Feliz Navidad…Buon Natale…Merry Christmas from my wonderland!!

24 Dec

Hello dear readers

And Happy Christmas to everybody! I came back home to visit my family on the 18thand, despite I miss a lot my husband (and the dog) I am loving being back home, spending time with the family, hanging out with my best friends, enjoying evenings out, enjoying mulled wine, traditional food from my hometown, Bergamo, which I love deeply and just being happy to be back !!

I am seriously obsessed with the song Feliz Navidad right now, constantly on repeat on my iPhone, so I can try to learn something more in Spanish, just to practice for the next Miami trip, just in a few days, I can’t wait!!!

I wish you all merry Christmas and Happy New Year….and I will post from Miami!

Enjoy the holidays everybody


anna in her wonderland xmas time

IMG_0876Festive London Gatwick airportanna in her wonderland xmas timeFluffy clouds anna in her wonderland xmas time

Size doesn’t matter they say, mini Christmas tree at home

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Marocchino and Italian espressoanna in her wonderland xmas timeBest aperitif in town, Il Maialinoanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

Casoncelli alla bergamasca, the best ravioli ever!!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeRainy night…anna in her wonderland xmas timeWhat a joy to see Coco and my husband with Skype!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeLove IManna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner at noodles in Milan for my cousin’s Last Dinner before move to London Town!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeChampagne showers in the Navigli area (Milano)

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGertrude!anna in her wonderland xmas timeSaturday night, dinner with friends, so glad to be together!!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeTable number 3 from my wedding reunited for the Christmas dinner, all my best friends in one place, love it

anna in her wonderland xmas timeDinner, all traditional!!anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas timeFinally I met Andrea, the new entry in my friend’s house, so much love!!!anna in her wonderland xmas timeIsotta supervising the Florist shop!

anna in her wonderland xmas timeGetting ready for a Sunday night out clubbing in town with the girls

anna in her wonderland xmas timeMy best friends was planning to get me drunk with hierbas, clearly!

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland christmas timeour table at Capogiro joy club ( I haven’t been there for 7 years!)anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time13 girls with 2 bottles of Belvedere vodkaanna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

anna in her wonderland xmas time

The fabulous world of cupcakes, one of the latest baking obsession

2 Dec

flic magflic mag logo

From the latest Flic Magazine Issue, page 96 from the Anna in her wonderland column

whats up cupcake logo

Keep calm and have a cupcake

The first time I heard the word cupcake was a few years back from my favourite tv series Sex and the city when Carrie and Miranda met up at the now super famous Magnolia Bakery in New York for a really sweet snack with a coffee, what’s not to love about?  Cupcakes were “invented” in the States to make one normal size cake more manageable to fit into a cup…on the go, everywhere, and to be loved, democratically by anybody. Thanks to the worldwide obsession for reality tv show from the British bake off, Masterchef, The Cake boss, The cupcake wars and so on cupcakes are now so popular everywhere and for everyone, they have become especially in England the perfect afternoon tea snack, just to break the tradition of the classic scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream, or even instead than a traditional wedding cake…tasty, gorgeously presented and decorated, I am absolutely obsessed with it. I have tried different cupcakes from different places, from Angel food and bakery in Brighton, to Lola’s cupcakes in London’s swanky shopping center Harrods and Selfridges, but to me the best cupcakes ever come from a tiny cute shop on the south east coast of England in the pretty seafront town of Whitstable (close to Canterbury), the cute as button shop is called What’s up cupcakes and it was open by Sarah Young 4 years ago after discovering cupcakes in Dubai, at the time Sarah was looking for business ideas and she thought, “if something like cupcakes sell so well in The Emirates, well it will go everywhere” and in June 2009 What’s up cupcakes opened its cute light green doors to the public and everyone has fallen in love for it. Freshly baked cupcakes from Thursday to Sunday with the freshest ingredients available, Sarah and her cupcakes helpers (mum Sue, Aunty Hillary and cousin Claire) delivered every week the best cupcakes around, flood of tourists invaded the shop at weekends and the orders for weddings and parties were growing day by day, I even used to drive myself for 140km just to get some of my favourite cupcakes, Lady Charlotte, raspberry icing topping on a vanilla sponge with white chocolate, divine! Now Mrs Young got married and retired to family life and the cute shop has been taken over by Tracey, after months of training with the Cupcake Boss Sarah, now Tracey carries on the What’s up cupcakes Empire and the shop is still flying high thanks to her passion for the job and for her love of baking, fresh cupcakes are still delivered every week from Thursday to Sunday and you can see the cupcakes creations by follow What’s up cupcakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course why not to visit the shop if you are planning a day out somewhere in the South Coast of England? Head to Whitstable!! Best of luck to Tracey and her cupcakes team for the future.

whats up cupcake  (1)

whats up cupcake  (2)

whats up cupcake  (3)

whats up cupcake  (4) whats up cupcake  (5)

Still on Eastern time when I shouldn’t be anymore! 10 days in paradise and now I am back, waiting to sleep! I miss Miami so much!

29 Sep


Dear readers,

here I am, back come and waiting for the sleeping pills to work on me. Day two and I still struggle a lot with the jet lag, wide awake at 1am instead than be fast asleep is not cool! Anyway I had a great time as usual, drunk a lot, ate a lot and had great fun, but let’s the pictures to do the talking!


Annainherwonderland.Miami (2)Lola, my new puppy friend

Annainherwonderland.Miami (5)Driving on MacArthur causeway

Annainherwonderland.Miami (6)The pool at flamingo

Annainherwonderland.Miami (7)

Hello kitty for Halloween anyone?

Annainherwonderland.Miami (8)

Aperitif time at home

Annainherwonderland.Miami (9)

Going out on Biscayne bay to watch the Red Bull Flugtag (Saturday 21st september)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (10)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (11)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (12)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (13)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (14)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (15)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (16)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (17)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (18)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (19)

I am obsessed with Cuban food and here we are at my favorite restaurant, VersaillesAnnainherwonderland.Miami (20)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (21)

Vaca frita is my dish!Annainherwonderland.Miami (22)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (23)

Feeling sweet on a Sunday morning, amazing breakfast at Atelier Monnier in BrickellAnnainherwonderland.Miami (24)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (25)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (26)

And sushi dinner at sushi sake, our local sushi restaurantAnnainherwonderland.Miami (27)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (28)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (29)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (30)Wonderful cake from the Fresh Market

Annainherwonderland.Miami (31)

Rollerblading in the neighborhoodAnnainherwonderland.Miami (32)

Italian dinner in South BeachAnnainherwonderland.Miami (33)

A few drinks at the DelanoAnnainherwonderland.Miami (34)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (35)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (36)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (37)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (38)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (39)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (40)

Afternoon down in Key ByscaneAnnainherwonderland.Miami (41)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (42)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (43)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (44)

Annainherwonderland.Miami (1)

Counting the hours to Miami…only 20 hours to go!! And Flic magazine has launched…with an article written by me about Miami! Anna in her wonderland goes in vacation

31 May

Hello readers

I am so happy that I have done the check in online a few hours ago, I have nearly finished to pack and I cannot wait to leave England in 20 hours for Miami again…Anna goes in vacation for 14 days…with her husband of course! I can’t wait to chill, lounge by the pool, go out on the Donzi, meet up with my gorgeous other best friend and her boyfriend…come on!!!


anna kim at the standard



What a perfect coincidence today…while I count the minutes to my vacation the online magazine I freelance for launched today, and my first published article is …about Miami, great!! Please everyone sign up to follow Flic Magazine, Spanish based online magazine ….

It is an online magazine that talks about creativity, art, trends, urban culture… A summary of things you haven’t seen elsewhere, or maybe yes, or perhaps.

Flic Magazine is monthly and bilingual. It’s in Barcelona and Milan, but also worldwide.

Please sign up to follow us and please read my articles….in English and Spanish!!!

Miami, the melting pot of South Florida  http://flicmagazine.com/mag/en/category/travel/

Miami, el crisol del la Florida del Sur http://flicmagazine.com/mag/es/category/travel/

flick magazine

Looking forward to post lot of pictures from Miami….and you all enjoy the British weather!


Anna in her wonderland

Wedding planning or not wedding planning? This is the dilemma! Busy working and taking care of my pooch…and try to get everything sorted!

23 Mar

Dear readers

As usual I can keep the blog updated very well and I apologize for my delay on posting, I have been busy recently with Coco, sweet and naughty puppy dog, I have been busy writing articles for a new project I am working on…and I am so excited about!!!! I can’t tell much right now but Anna in her wonderland is going to become a sort of …. The sex and the city column written by Carrie Bradshaw!

carrie sex and the city

Keep reading my blog and you will discover more soon…

Anyway I was saying that I have been busy recently with my dear client to organize her perfect dream wedding in Tuscany for the summer, I have seen so many flowers, dresses, table settings, food menus, catering companies…that I feel like I am getting married myself again…which will be nice as well!

wedding planning in progress

I discovered a cool American based website for biodegradable tableware called Restaurant Ware (http://www.restaurantware.com/) , my client and I for the Tuscany summer  wedding we are thinking about their porcelain collection to keep the wedding low key and cool….but I cannot wait to throw a party at our Miami house with friends with some of the Restaurant Ware products…I wouldn’t worry anymore about broken champagne glasses!

porcelain tableware restaurantware

Talking about Miami…only 3 weeks to go for the next trip…anticipated by an Italian Easter trip for next week!

buona pasqua italy

I am sorry I completely forgot….hello from Coco!

coco asleep

coco on couch


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