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Still have some good memories, vacation is over and we think about the good times! Miami I heart you

16 Mar

Touched down back to the UK this morning after some cranberry and vodka cocktails, the flight delayed and some Valium…never slept that well on a plane I couldn’t believe it!

I still have some good memories and still lots of pictures to show, so let’s start!

Good moijto at lunchtime in Coconut Grove, followed by a super good burger

My husband makes great moijtos…strawberry one from me!

Tuesday night is Delano night

on our way back…

Another night here, let’s get ready

meeting friends…and their dog!

the first time to a Cuban restaurant

White or red sangria?

After all this…it’s time for a Cuban coffee

anyone wants some chilli willy?

the weather was bad Thursday, why not have a nap?

The view on our way back to the airport

at the airport lounge … not ready to leave

A few random memories…how cute is molly? the dog at Grove Harbour

the view from the pool in a sunny day

peanut butter and strawberry…mmmm

and to end…party rock!!!

Sadly, time’s up! Leaving miami ain’t easy!

16 Mar

Sadly, I am at the airport, not ready to leave at all, as usual. Sat at the club america lounge, drinking my sorrows and waiting for a burger, I have to face reality, it’s time to go home. See you in six weeks gorgeous Miami.


Back to reality and fighting the jet lag

16 Sep

We landed this morning at 10am and I was amazed to see such a beautiful and sunny day in London! Despite how much I didn’t want to leave Miami last night it seems less traumatic be at home…well I will tell you in the next few days when it will start to rain if I haven’t changed my mind! Lots of good memories of this 10 days of holiday-vacation-work… First of all the kitchen is done and it looks stunning in our white theme Miami condo…so glad all it’s over! Here we are some pictures to resume this very intense 10 days! Happy first year marriage anniversary to Joe and Becky and happy two month anniversary to Kim and I!

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