The ups and downs of dieting…crazy cravings, food obsession or more? I blame my vacation in Miami!!

2 May

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I have been over indulging for 12 days, I cannot bare the idea to deprive myself of a dirty stinking burger and fries If I want to, ok the bikini started to feel a bit tight but as I said to my friends, more responsible than me…Sod it the diet starts on Monday when I will be back…but when I got back and checked my weight on the scale I wanted to bang my head on the wall…2.5 kg more (5.5 pounds), damn me and my food obsession!!!!

No reason to panic, let’s just start to cut down on alcohol first of all : I have been drinking a lot but that is what you do in vacation, you don’t drink a bottle of Corona and think : Oh yes this is already 148 calories…oh yes let’s pop the champagne at 10.30 am, which must be 5pm somewhere…and here we are another 89 calories per glass….  But as my dad would say to my husband when we stay by the seaside in Italy when the new bottle of Prosecco comes up…Holiday!!! (Or Vacation! for Americans)


Anyway I am not 20 years old anymore and my metabolism is not as fast anymore so I am trying to go back on track cooking lots of fish, chicken, cutting down portions of pasta, never been crazy for chocolate and what happened?

I suddenly find myself obsessed with “I need a piece of chocolate right now”! I find myself on my iPad checking new recipes most of the day, and because I haven’t drunk anything alcoholic since Saturday night I started to crave even that….tonight we are going out for dinner with friends in town and do you know what I can’t wait to have? A Bombay gin and tonic before dinner!!!!

gin and tonic

1kg (2.2 pounds) has already gone down ( probably water retention)  and I still have a lot to work on. Luckily I have a crazy dog here that needs walking and exercise so at least I have to get out and walk a lot with Coco and listen to me….I went back to the gym today…please orchestra go on….we need to celebrate this rare moment!!

gym advice

And what about this weekend that we are going to visit friends in the Cotswolds? Fuck the diet let’s start again on Monday….actually on Tuesday because Monday is bank-holiday….thanks British calendar!!!

diet on monday


3 Responses to “The ups and downs of dieting…crazy cravings, food obsession or more? I blame my vacation in Miami!!”

  1. luckymckoy 02/05/2013 at 10:29 PM #

    I live here in Miami and I can’t seem to control the “up and down”. I’m in pretty good shape for a 40 year old Mommy but geez. The alcohol. The brunches. The liming with friends is the diet killer! Glad I’m not alone but I will join the journey and stay strong! Oh, but not until my sister leaves from Holiday in Miami…May 13!

  2. La_Cry 03/05/2013 at 7:34 AM #

    hihihihihihih mi fai morire Anny!!! anche noi abbiamo preso un cane… che ha bisogno di passeggiare e un ora al giorno (divisa in due mezz’ore) la dedico a lui… ma è troppo poco!!! (e non dirmi che son magra impicca perchè ormai anche io non ho più 20 anni!!! e mi piace mangiare e bere bene!!! fffffffffffffff)

  3. nonfashionista 03/05/2013 at 1:54 PM #

    I totally get what your going through! But i must say 1 kilo is nothing and you look amazing and have a perfect figure. Everytime i go to portugal i gain weight. I’m there with my friends and my husband and parents and we eat and we drink and we have fun. It’s part of life. Now i’m back in the UK for and I’ve been on a diet for a week and returning to my spin and zumba classes. I think its easier for me to diet when I’m ‘alone’.

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