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The puppies diaries: how can Coco Chanel Elizabeth Taylor Collins steal my heart and put my life upside down like this? The power of a gorgeous Cavalier king Charles puppy

31 Jan

Calming signals dog

Hello readers

I cannot believe how my life has changed in just over 2 weeks of having little Coco at home with us. I love her dearly, and I think my husband loves her more than me right now (endless cuddles on the sofa with the dog and not a look to the wife, nice) but I must admit, I did not think it was going to be such hard work to raise and educate a puppy.

I am not a morning person at all, and lack of sleep on the first week hit me badly, and still 2 weeks on to me get up around 7/7.20 in the morning feels like wake up in the middle of the night, I never thought life could start so early in the morning!!

I am not a fashionista but I like every day to get dressed nicely, even if it’s just jeans and cashmere sweater…I can’t do this anymore with a vicious puppy that is trying to bite everything she sees (including my nose and my husband’s) so at the moment is just old jeans and old baggy sweater…anyway who does see you? No one when you spend all day at home!

I enjoy stay at home and just have lazy days sometimes…but now I start to feel a bit trapped in. I am not one of those people who just stay all day sat on the sofa watching E! and Bravo (to be a good real housewife) but my escapes at the moment are just, lock Coco in the kitchen and run to the supermarket … not actually very amusing!

I am even missing all the sales in town…I would just like to go out me and Coco for a walk in town instead than in the fields, but I can’t yet until she has the second vaccination…one more week to go.

I have work to do anyway which is good to be in sometimes….but now I am getting stressed, irritated and grumpy…I even called the gym to start my membership again…just to escape a bit!

Coco…I love you, I love the fact that you are making our days brighten with your presence…but I need to control my life again!!!






How is it possible something so small can make your heart to skip a beat? Absolutely in love with Coco (Elizabeth Taylor) Collins!

23 Jan

Hello readers

Here I am, really tired but happy, I have always dreamed to have a dog when I was a child, 28 years on I can finally say, yes I have a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, named Coco (with Elizabeth Taylor as middle name, as a tribute to my favourite TV series ever, Sex and the city). Coco is 9 weeks old of sweetness and madness at the same time, how can something so small and cuddly can make you falling in love so hard?

Luckily I work from home because so far she is taking all my time and efforts…here we are some pictures… and a video from the TV series to remind me of the real Elizabeth Taylor

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

coco cavalier king charles spaniel

Kos: Fun in the Sun

21 Jan

It seems that when it comes to finding somewhere that guarantees fun in the sun, the Greek islands never disappoint. And Kos is right up there with the best of them.

Famous for its fabulous beaches, Kos is a real gem when it comes to holiday hotspots. It’s got almost 300km of coastline which means there are plenty of sunbathing opportunities, quiet secluded coves and beautiful photogenic bays. Among the best are Mastichari Beach, which is home to numerous windsurfing centres, about 25km south of Kos Town. Thermes is a small pebbly cove flanked by boulders and craggy cliffs, while Tigaki is a long, sweeping stretch of sandy beach close to Kos Town with shallow shores, perfect for tiny paddling feet.

If it’s a beach break you’re after, you’ll find plenty of cheap holidays to Kos via the many different tour operators. The best bet is to search online and scour the many hundreds of deals available. It might seem like a chore but once you’ve whittled down the options according to your preferences, such as ideal departure date, local resort and board basis, it makes the process a little easier.

The best deals can usually be found on the websites of major tour operators. Take Thomas Cook for instance. As a company that’s been organising holidays for decades, they’re no stranger to putting trips together and will almost always have a great deal or a discount to help make the cost of your holiday that little bit more manageable. You can find Thomas Cook holidays online or on the high street. If price is really top of the priority list, try searching for a late deal – ideally those leaving within the next few weeks – as you’ll usually save a significant amount on the original price of the holiday.

Once you’ve booked, then all that’s left to do is pack, find your passports and head off for a week or two of fun in the sun. What could be better?

Christmas very late edition with some good and old New Year resolution…does it work? It doesn’t for me at all…my disrupted wonderland of broken promises.

16 Jan

I must admit, I am not very good with New Year resolutions…I mean I always mean to keep my word and go for it, but it doesn’t work very well. My last year resolution was to write a recipe book (as you can see in a post I published one year ago)

But the idea got abandoned after my lack of culinary order, I wrote a few recipes and stored them on my laptop but my problem is, I hate follow recipes when I cook because I like to be creative ad change things around…so with this problem I can’t even follow my own recipes and stick with it…LAST YEAR RESOLUTION result: FAILED.

Another last year resolution was to join the gym and go for it: I did join the gym, I did enjoy, I did get back pain and muscle aching, I did go at least twice a week (for 4 or 5 months), but with the new wedding planning business going on and all the traveling…I haven’t put my foot there since end of October, I actually have frozen my membership temporarily  with the aim of starting again in February… LAST YEAR RESOLUTION result: FAILED, AGAIN.

new year resolution

So as you can see I am not very good to keep my own promises but what is the good thing about Christmas and new year (excluding the presents, the industrial quantity of food and drinks eaten and drunk, the few pound put on and the traveling)? The fact that everyone feels more positive to have a new start, even if it doesn’t happen.

christmas presents hello kitty

Christmas presents hello kitty cover

As today, I am happy to face the new year with my new gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag, the Petit Noe’ (thanks to my amazing husband). 2013…the world is ours!

petit noe louis vuitton

petit noe louis vuitton handbag

Festive London: Meet Father Christmas at Hamleys

15 Jan

Hamleys Toy Shop, established in London in 1780, is known as the largest, and one of the best, toy emporiums worldwide. With toys, games, gifts, treats and more spread out over seven floors, it’s a wonderland for children of all ages, and their parents.

During the run up to Christmas the atmosphere at Hamleys becomes decidedly festive, with stunning Christmas displays, trees, and more than a few cheeky elves to help you to explore the store. Why not book a family room for a London stopover and treat the kids to a day out in the city that they’ll never forget?

Travelodge have hotels all over London so you’re sure to be able to find bargain accommodation in the heart of the action. With 51 hotels to choose from citywide, it’s easy to find a Travelodge hotel in a location that’s convenient for you, whether you choose to stay near the train station, near Hamleys toy shop itself or near another attraction.

One of the best things about Travelodge hotels is that they offer family rooms at very reasonable prices, so treating the tribe doesn’t have to break the bank. Better yet you’ll have more money left over to treat your little ones to a pre-Christmas gift – after all, you can’t take them to the biggest toy shop in the world and expect them to leave empty handed!

Those with little boys will want to head straight up to the 5th Floor for a wonderland of boy’s toys including action figures, vehicles and more. Just one floor down, you’ll find model kits, model railways and remote-controlled vehicles.

The third floor is a girly delight full of dolls, dress-up outfits, arts and crafts and even pop up pamper areas. The floor below that is the place to take pre-schoolers, with a wide range of toys for threes and under to enjoy.

The first floor is a joy for all with board games, jigsaws, a Build a Bear Workshop and sweet shop. As is the ground floor where you’ll find a zoo of stuffed animals, as well as a section just for magic. Venture down into the basement floor and you’ll find Lego and other construction toys galore, as well as the computer game experts at Game.

If, however, you really want to see your children’s eyes shining in wonderment, you simply must treat them to a trip to Hamleys very own Father Christmas. This isn’t any old grotto – the ‘I Met Father Christmas at Hamleys’ experience includes a meet and greet with Santa and his elves, a meal, games and activities and a small gift.

At £45 per child, it’s not cheap, but for a once a year treat that’s sure to provide precious memories for a lifetime it’s got to be worth it. Of course, saving on your London hotel room will leave more cash to spend on festive treats, so it’s worth seeking out a great deal on Travelodge hotels in the city.




Still living the American dream…or shall I say the Hispanic dream? Back in cold England but still with my soul in Miami!

12 Jan

Hello readers,

I am really sorry to not have updated the blog for nearly two weeks and first of all I wanted to apologize, unfortunately I was in Miami trying to get our perfect house sorted and the neighbours not always were that happy to give us their internet details, what can we do about? Get the internet sorted…as we did!!

First day back home and I feel like I have a massive hangover and I don’t feel like I even know my name right now, I want to leave forever in Eastern time!

Here we are some pictures of the two long weeks away…I am still trying to learn some Spanish but I think I will need to practise a lot more…a mix of Italian-spanish-english is not the way forward!


Miami Florida New year (23)

Miami Florida New year (22)

Miami Florida New year (21)

Miami Florida New year (20)

Miami Florida New year (19)

Miami Florida New year (14)

Miami Florida New year (15)

Miami Florida New year (16)

Miami Florida New year (17)

Miami Florida New year (18)

Miami Florida New year (13)

Miami Florida New year (12)

Miami Florida New year (11)

Miami Florida New year (10) Miami Florida New year (9)

Miami Florida New year (8)

Miami Florida New year (7)

Miami Florida New year (6)

Miami Florida New year (5)

Miami Florida New year (4)

Miami Florida New year (1)

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