Proud of…whatever we like!

7 Sep

For some strange reason today I feel proud of being what I am, an Italian girl living abroad who doesn’t want to forget her culture. The Take That helped me this morning as well when I heard Never forget on BB radio1 and I totally disagree with Kanye West when he says I should forget where I came from in the song Can’t tell me nothing. It is maybe silly but today I am at home, on my own and I felt like have a friend around for lunch to talk about our things, I am here, in the kitchen preparing some basic, simple tomato sauce with garlic and basil and I thought about my mum, who’s been here with me for the past 10 days and she would have said, come on put some cheese on top, I got you the pecorino cheese last week! So I did, follow my Italian culinary mind and I am preparing a simple but tasty lunch that my British friend will be impressed of.

I am proud to be Italian today, for no reason. I am proud of where I come from, as I love my hometown. I am proud to embrace a different culture every day and compare that to mine. I am proud to travel a lot and discover new cultures, new Usi e Costumi from different countries. And I am proud of my mum for teaching me to cook. The simplest things are alway the best.

What are you proud of?

Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Proud of…whatever we like!”

  1. Kajsa Josephine 07/09/2012 at 4:47 PM #

    You should be proud of your roots 🙂 Italy is a beautiful country. I am proud whenever I take risks. Traveling solo to Azerbaijan was such a risk. Take That I love them. When they played at the closing ceremony I felt proud on behalf of the group. They are so talented!

  2. nadia 08/09/2012 at 10:19 PM #


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