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Beautiful blogger award finally on air on!

30 Sep

It has been a while and I really need to apologize and say thanks at the same time to Alexandra, who recently nominated me for the “Beautiful Blogger Award” … I love how bloggers get close together and appreciate each other efforts on their blog with awards! Thanks a lot Alexandra and please everyone check her blog!

The Rules:

– Post 7 interesting things about yourself

– Nominate other bloggers who I feel deserve the award

– Let them know about the nomination

7 things about me:

  1. I can’t stay on the same place for long; I always need to travel around. I have been in England for 7 days now and I feel already sick about it, I wish I could travel tomorrow to go somewhere else…and come back…and go again.
  2. My heritage is Italian and a bit English…my great grandfather was born in London and christened in Saint Paul’s Cathedral at the beginning of the 20th century
  3. My favourite cuisine is Italian, as you can all imagine – I cannot live without pasta and I am obsessed with cooking.
  4. I’m a girly girl, I love pink and pastel colours and high heels (even if I fall quite easily) but I can’t resist to spikes and studs to add a tough touch to my clothes and my Converse shoes.
  5. My favourite book is the “I love shopping series” by Sophie Kinsella, I read those books in Italian and read them all again in English to learn the language and they always make me laugh, I must be honest I love the 50 shades of grey trilogy as well…who doesn’t???
  6. Louis Vuitton bags are my favourite accessories, they go well with anything even with a cheap Primark dress they do the job!!!
  7. I have started to struggle to speak my own language, I have to speak in English all the time, is it not crazy??

Fabulous blogs I enjoy and I’d like to nominate:



Tiny Micia


Lesley Carter




Shine bright like a diamond in the sky this weekend….

28 Sep

Dear readers,

I am really sorry but the past week has been a bit crazy, 4 days in Miami of very bad weather and just a few pictures taken, no fancy nights out or spinning around, just been working! Came back home on Tuesday, back to work, thousands of things to do and not had much time and not much to say…jet lag and PMS are not good subject for blogging I believe! I have been listening non-stop to the new Rihanna’s song in the past few days and I absolutely love it, can’t wait for her new album to come out and storm the charts.

Shine bright like a diamond…doesn’t leave my mind!

How’s everyone up to? Any good plans for the weekend? My weekend will be sleeping cooking and maybe work out…or maybe not! I show you anyway the really few snaps I took while away, just on the blackberry! Have a great weekend everyone!

Forgot to say…I finally registered the domain for my blog, you can find me at from now on!

Strange bird around Miami Beach Marina

Waiting for the sunshine…

The view in the dark over Brickell Avenue

lots of rain down in Coconut Grove

bad traffic is everywhere

so pleased to see 50 shades of grey in spanish!!

Enjoyed an Italian wedding at the weekend and now off again, living the American Dream for a few days!

19 Sep

I cannot believe how much I travel, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and, panic….where am I?? Just came back from the wedding of my lovely cousin in Italy, I enjoyed so much spending time with my family and relatives that I nearly didn’t want to come back, but I had to, full on 3 days at work and here I am, off again in the morning, destination Miami!

I’d like to show you some pictures of the weekend, and congratulations again to Barbara&Roberto, l love Italian weddings!!!

My cousin is getting married, so another weekend in Italy for me!! This is love week in my family

14 Sep

I cannot believe my alarm went off at 4.50am this morning, but I am always so please so fly back home and for an occasion like a cousin’s wedding how could I dare to say no? This week in my family my parents celebrated 38 years of marriage, other relatives had their anniversary celebration as well, my cousin is getting married, Sunday is going to be 1year and 2months wedding anniversary for us…the question is, who’s next? I love being back even for a short time just to enjoy family and friends, and I can’t wait to attend a big fat Italian wedding!! X


Proud of…whatever we like!

7 Sep

For some strange reason today I feel proud of being what I am, an Italian girl living abroad who doesn’t want to forget her culture. The Take That helped me this morning as well when I heard Never forget on BB radio1 and I totally disagree with Kanye West when he says I should forget where I came from in the song Can’t tell me nothing. It is maybe silly but today I am at home, on my own and I felt like have a friend around for lunch to talk about our things, I am here, in the kitchen preparing some basic, simple tomato sauce with garlic and basil and I thought about my mum, who’s been here with me for the past 10 days and she would have said, come on put some cheese on top, I got you the pecorino cheese last week! So I did, follow my Italian culinary mind and I am preparing a simple but tasty lunch that my British friend will be impressed of.

I am proud to be Italian today, for no reason. I am proud of where I come from, as I love my hometown. I am proud to embrace a different culture every day and compare that to mine. I am proud to travel a lot and discover new cultures, new Usi e Costumi from different countries. And I am proud of my mum for teaching me to cook. The simplest things are alway the best.

What are you proud of?

Have a great weekend!

Momenti di vita vissuta…that I haven’t blogged about yet!

5 Sep

In the past few months so many things happened, so many events went past in our lives, and we are still here, thinking about, remembering the good moments and looking forward the next ones to come.

My American dream is closer day by day, we got our dream house and I cannot wait to spend more time in Florida, even on my own, and maybe learn some Spanish to make my life easy in Miami where mostly everyone speaks English and Spanish, or at least a bit of Spanglish…I feel left out with my now poor Italian and my good English with strong Italian accent! Two months ago I was celebrating my first wedding anniversary and I wanted to mark the moment with something remarkable and permanent, until laser won’t come along…I had a celebration tattoo on my wrist with mine and my husband’s initials, and where it could have been done? In Miami of course!

I can speak about just now after nearly two months because despite my tender age, my parents didn’t know about this and I didn’t think it was right to advertise this on my blog, without warn them first! A year of marriage down the line, lot of trips booked to travel and open our mind even more, lot of our friends are becoming parents and things evolve while we are all growing up….what’s next? No one knows. Let’s just wait….


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