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I never want to grow up; I am obsessed with Hello Kitty!!!

30 Aug

When I was in vacation in America last month when I saw these shoes I had to get them, so I did. Hello kitty black Vans shoes…when my husband saw me on my return he said: Anna….are you not old enough? Well apparently not!!!

My blackberry at the moment is playing up and it is away for repair and I am struggling to keep up with emails, bbm and blogging as well and I do apologize for this, I am actually thinking to ditch the blackberry and move on to and Iphone, mostly for those pictures I have found online…Hello Kitty obsessed!!!

Happy belated birthday to me and happy birthday to my blog!!! Holidaying in the Italian Riviera with family not enjoying too much the heat wave, luckily back in cold United Kingdom!

24 Aug

Hello dear readers,

I am sorry to have not written on the blog for such a long time but I was enjoying too much my holiday with my parents, relatives and cousins down in the Italian Riviera, now I am back home and I have more time to keep you updated with my realities…I am growing old, last Sunday (19th August) I turned 28…oh my!!! I had a lovely day with my husband and my family going to the beach, sunbathing, eating, drinking…drinking again and so on! I love so much that part of Italy as I said before, I spent so many summers there when I was a child that the place has so many memories for me…love it!

My husband the day after my birthday had to leave and my cousins came down in holiday to spend time with us, it was good to hang out with them. Probably 1 or 2 kilos more but it doesn’t matter, a diet always starts on Monday. I cannot believe my blog is turning 1 year old, it seems just yesterday that I have started to put down on Word my words…so glad that my readers keep on follow me and my adventures!

And I have to apologize to Askmystyle ( who gave me an award last week, the beautiful blogger award….I am sorry I am just doing that very slowly! Blogging gives me so many satisfactions, thanks to all!!!!


Back to where my childhood memories belong…holidaying in the heart of the Italian Riviera (Liguria)

17 Aug

When yesterday the plane touched down in Genova at the Cristoforo Colombo airport I couldn’t believe how much I missed around here, I have been coming down in holiday here every summer with my family since I was a little girl and even if other people doesn’t think nothing special of this area, well not my problem, I have grown up here summer by summer, learned to use my bicycle and my rollerblade on the promenade on the sea where the Port of Chiavari is, learned how to taste good and simple but tasty food from the Tigullio area, enjoying long walk all around town in the shopping area and on the seafront, how many memories this place holds for me!

It is great being back here after two years and I can’t wait to spend the whole week here with my husband and my family…and my birthday on Sunday! I will update as soon as I can with some pictures…enjoy your holiday wherever you are!


Thanks to my friend Kajsa I have been nominated! One lovely blog award

8 Aug

I want to say a big thank you to my friend Kajsa ( to have nominated me for the one lovely blog award, this is a real pleasure and great achievement in my first year of blogging, I want to thank Kajsa and all the friends who read my blog and support me no matter what.

To pass on the award here are the rules:

The Rules for these Awards are as Follows (I am going to leave out the Very Inspiring Blogger Award & the Versatile Blogger Award)

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3.  Nominate 8 for the One Lovely Blog Award

and leave a comment on their site to let them know. Also be sure to include the award logo to your post. 

I am going to change slightly  the rules and just nominate the blogs I enjoy most for the One Lovely Blog Award. Nevertheless there are too many blogs I follow and I enjoy to fill those 8 spots, so if you didn´t make into my list – please don´t worry. I do appreciate your blog anyway.

Those random facts: 

1. I have an addiction I can’t get rid of, I cannot live without Chapstick lip balm mint flavour, I can go mad if I don’t have it in my pockets!

2. While in the US I tried to speak with an American accent…everyone laughed at me and recognize my Italian accent straight away!

3. One day I wish I can have the time to write my own recipe book and see it being published

4. I can never fall asleep at night and as a consequence I can never leave the bed in the morning, unfortunately I get very grumpy if I wake up in the wrong way

5. Maybe because I am getting old… I just watch cooking TV programmes and I love them!

6. I fly a lot but I am terrified of  take off, landing, turbolences and transatlantic journeys…you wouldn’t enjoy to be sat next to me!

7. I´m not the fittest person in the world….I force myself to work out at the gym but I am very lazy and I’d rather spend time discovering new recipes, going to the supermarket and cook interesting dinners!

One Lovely Blog Award nomination: 



Tiny Micia


Lesley Carter




Thanks to everyone!!!


In the Kingdom with the Olympics going on but with my soul still on Eastern Time, struggling to get into the right time zone!

7 Aug

Hello readers,

I am really sorry I did not have a chance to update the blog for over a week and I apologize for this long delay. I spent the last week without any sort of internet connection and it was bad to start with but not too bad once I got used to! I moved from our condo in Miami to another place and I had to face it on my own, it was hard and difficult but now it’s all done and despite arrived back in the UK on Saturday I still feel badly jetlagged and being back to work and running errands all the time it does not help, I need a proper vacation right now and I have to wait until next Thursday before jet off to Italy to celebrate my birthday with my husband, my family and my best friend…and hopefully to catch up with some sleep!

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