The working desperate housewife is going to be off for nearly 3 weeks, God she needs a vacation…or 2!!!

10 Jun

Time is up for me, on Tuesday I will start my 3 weeks off, first step is going back home to visit my family in Italy, and maybe spend the weekend on the Italian Riviera, second step will be come back to England next Monday evening….and leave Tuesday morning to go to Miami!!!! And next Thursday we will be off to Bahamas by boat (motion sickness tablets, valium tablets and a drink for the journey for me!), Bimini here we come!

Right, I haven’t started to pack yet but I will very soon, in the past few days I have just been working, shopping (food shopping), cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning again….my husband is sad that I’m leaving him at home, he will miss the official chef (plenty of portions of lasagne in the freezer I’m sure he will be fine!)

So next time I will post it will be from Italy…I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend!


2 Responses to “The working desperate housewife is going to be off for nearly 3 weeks, God she needs a vacation…or 2!!!”

  1. Tiny Micia 10/06/2012 at 7:07 PM #

    Just want to say thanks for sharing some tips on my upcoming vacay, I’ll be dropping you an email every now and then as I plan incase I have any questions *Hope you don’t mind*. Looking at your itinerary you seem to have big beautiful plans ahead *Jealous face* 🙂 so enjoy your holidays and family time. Keep us posted :). xx

    • annainherwonderland 10/06/2012 at 7:53 PM #

      not a problem email me anytime, I love help people to visit new places familiar to me!

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