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Still in a summer mode, hopefully for good!! Wonderful sunshine makes me happy!

29 May

The weather is still so gorgeous, spent all the weekend sunbathing and jumping in the garden (yes, we have a trampoline now!)…so I am 27, what’s the problem? The trampoline brings me back to my happy childhood’s memories!!

It was so hot that at one stage I wanted to jump in the pool…shame there is no pool here!

The weather forecasts are predicting rain and cold again, but please let me dream! I’m not British and I do not believe in monarchy, but I wish God Save the Queen on her jubilee so we have our 2 days of bank holiday!!! Soon off to Italy, soon off to Miami and Bahamas…I can’t wait!!! X

Summer has finally come, but for how long? Enjoy the tropical Brighton and thinking about memorial weekend in Miami!

25 May

According to weather office and according to what it is written on the paper, this week England is warmer than Hawaii, believe it or not. Well anyway it is so nice going to work just in t-shirt, jeans and flip flops, come back home, have a Pimms on the patio enjoying a bit of sunshine and the view, hopefully it will last for a while! It’s funny walking around town, day 1 everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirt, so you could see lots of skinny, medium and large very pale legs walking up and down on the seafront, day 2 and day 3 the colours have changed…now all the Brits are flashing red legs and bare chests…class!

Anyway I feel in summer mood, I look for espadrilles shoes, vests, wedges and I couldn’t believe my luck 2 days ago, as you all now I got nominated for the blog sunshine award (thanks again girls!) and I went for a walk in the high street. I have been monitoring a certain British shop for 5weeks now, twice I week I went in, walked around every single aisles looking for something specific, and finally on Wednesday my perseverance has finally paid off! I got it!!!

The fish dress Mary Katrantzou style…I saw this dress so many times on fashion magazines in the past few weeks and I needed it, thanks Primark!!! I hope everyone will enjoy the gorgeous weekend, will think about memorial weekend in the US, come on party people!!!


Blog sunshine award, I cannot believe bloggers have nominated me, thanks so much!

23 May

I have been nominated for the sunshine blog award by Kajsa and Nonfashionista, I can’t believe people actually enjoy the soap opera of my life day by day!

first thing is to say a big thank you to these two girls with two amazing blogs, I started blogging last August in a moment in my life where I felt a bit bored and I needed some inspirations, some new passions, and the blog was born, my little precious blog who makes me happy day by day.

The rules are that I am going to nominate ten other bloggers in return.

Since you are nominated you might want to know what to do next. Here it goes.

° Include the Award’s logo in a post on your blog
° Answer 10 questions about yourself
° Nominate 10 other bloggers
° Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they have been nominated
° Share the love and link the person who nominated you

1. My favorite color: Green, in every shade

2. My favorite animal : Probably common reply but I say dog

3. My favorite number : not sure, 26…19…not for any particular reason

4. My favorite drink : Prosecco, bloody mary, fruity cocktails…

5. Facebook or twitter : depends on the day, let’s say facebook more to catch up with family and friends

6. My passion: travelling, reading and cooking

7. Prefer giving or getting presents: both, love research presents for friends and surprise them…but I do love a good surprise present, more diamonds please!

8. My favorite pattern: I don’t think I have a favourite one

9. My favorite day of the week: Saturday, so I can get up at noon!

10. My favorite flower : Calla Lily, the flowers of my wedding bouquet

And now it’s time to make my own nominations. I am going to nominate the ten blogs I enjoy most,  I can’t believe how nice and friendly are all the people in the wordpress platform, sometimes I read about bloggers being verbally abused and insulted just because some idiots thinks..I’m behind a computer, so that’s ok…no it’s not!!! #NoTroll…it never happened to me and with all you gorgeous people and bloggers I “virtually met” I don’t think it is going to happen, we should all stick together and support each other! Stop talking now…My nomination are the following:






Lesley Carter





Thanks a lot!


The late weekender edition: eating out, drinking out, cupcake-ing out…had a busy and nice time out!

21 May

I had a few busy days last week, that’s why I couldn’t update the blog before today, sorry for the delay I hope I haven’t disappointed my supporters.

After my looooooong afternoon nap on Wednesday I probably recovered from my minor operation to my lip, had the stitches on until this morning and if I knew how painful it was going to be to have them removed…I could have kept them! Always complaining don’t I? I thought, I wouldn’t be able too eat much in the next few days due to the stitches…as if!!! It’s Monday, it’s time to go to the gym and to lose some weight now…Friday night, dinner out, Saturday lunchtime, lunch out, Saturday night, dinner out, Sunday lunch…out…and to end my weekend in super sweetness….I have been stocking up cupcakes at my friend Sarah’s shop…every few months some doctors come along with a new diet…what about the cupcake’s diet? I will be so happy!

One cupcake a day…keeps the doctor away!

It was a great weekend, nice time with my husband, nice time with friends, couldn’t ask for anything better…but now let’s hit the gym!

Jet lag must have let the building, why am I still so up and down? Need another vacation probably!

16 May

It’s very strange to face again reality, I mean, I’m happy and relieved, back to work enjoying some new projects, thinking about what to do next and where to go next! Today I haven’t gone that far, I had a minor operation at the hospital, something on my lip that had to be removed, came back home…and fell asleep on the sofa for nearly 4 hours…wow! I had some catch up sleep to do probably!

Will I be able to match again working life/housewife-ing/chef/gym fanatic etc.? I am sure I will; just need some motivation and probably a few more hours of sleep.

At the moment the thing I enjoy less to be back home is…the weather of course! 16th May 2012…freezing cold! If I think that 3 years ago like today my brother got married and the weather in Italy was great, sunny and warm…right, nothing we can do about, apart wear again my winter jacket…

Some more trips have been planned, lots to look forward to, Italy, Miami, St Tropez, Italian Riviera…busy summer then!

Jet lag, WonderWoman, 80’s birthday party, hangover, memories…cheers to the freaking weekend!

13 May

I think this is the first time the jet lag hit me so badly, I am wide awake in the evening, or let’s say at night and in the morning (let’s say  nearly in the afternoon) I can’t still force myself to get up at all…I’m sure it’s going to be dramatic on Monday morning going back in office!

The trip to Miami was great, as usual, and being back is always very difficult, luckily this time I had something to look forward to, a birthday party in London, fancy dress theme, 80’s glam.

For someone just BORN IN THE 80’S…It’s not an easy challenge, plus Italian people don’t do fancy dress outside carnival time or Halloween.

I managed to get a dress from my friend, I was really looking forward to wear it until I thought….shit…I have to go up to London on the train dress up like that!

WonderWoman…yes it was me! And my husband….Sonny Crocket from Miami Vice…I always thought British people mind their own business …. Why everyone was laughing at me??? Rude fuckers!

Couldn’t sleep at all from 3am to 5am…and at 11.30am I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare…dreaming about a school show with Peter Andre as a guest….jet lag is making me crazy! I want to live again the nice Miami memories…here we are.

Sadly, time is up again! Packing time but really not feel like to leave, as usual!

10 May

Ten days again have gone too quickly, I’m here again with a suitcase in front of me and I really do not want to leave! Miami we heart you….

The last few days have been amazing, enjoying good times with friends, going out, discover new places…see you again in 5 weeks! As soon I will be back tomorrow I will post more pictures! Bye Bye SoBe!


Coconut Grove, Key Largo, Islamorada, Key west was a bit too far…now I get what they mean with BOATING IN PARADISE! IN LOVE FOR THE FLORIDA KEYS

8 May

We came back last night after two gorgeous days spent in paradise, and I mean paradise! Hot, sunny, gorgeous….good friends, good boat, good food, good drinks, nothing else matters when you combine all these ingredients!

Left on Sunday morning from Coconut Grove, arrived at Gilbert’s in Key Largo to enjoy lunch and some good pinacolada, next stop was the Postcard Inn in Islamorada via the sandbanks close to the Tiki Bar….so beautiful around there!!!

Yesterday morning after a good fat breakfast we left but we didn’t go far, minor problem to the steering wheel that got sorted a few hours later, few more hours in the sunshine….and 8pm back at Coconut Grove…plus when you finish two days in paradise with a slice of KEY LIME PIE…nothing can go wrong!!!!

I am a still a sunseeker, chasing the perfect tan, but it ain’t easy on a boat! Miami is amazing, love it here every time more!

5 May

There is nothing else to say apart that this place makes me so happy. Beautiful places, beautiful people….and me trying to speak italian-spanish-english!!! Shall I just show you some pictures? They just speak for themselves! And happy cinco de mayo, I won’t drink any tequila like all the Hispanic here…I could throw up straight away!!!!

I am a sunseeker, where the hell is the Miami sunshine? Enjoying the not very good weather…but don’t stop believing in the American dream!

2 May

Hello everyone, we made to Miami, and of course as soon as we come over the weather gets bad, a bit unlucky but nothing we can do to improve it unfortunately, apart being connected 24/7 on the weather channel…

Being running errands with foundation on my face… I look too pale right night and if the sunshine does not come out tomorrow I will have to stop at Tan V in Alton road…boat is going to be ready to roll soon, enjoying the design district today…it was a pretty good day overall! More updates coming soon.


Iguana walking around the garden anyone?

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