Back in business, into my kitchen! Surrounded by Hello Kitty Easter eggs and very soon from my family!

4 Apr

I finally started to feel better, my cold has finally abandoned me and my husband with his burnt arm and hand is getting better as well, shame now he has man flu…my fault apparently….MEEEEEEEEEN

By the way I am so glad that Kim is getting over this problem, and I am sure he is never going to use petrol again to lit the bonfire after this accident, his arm speaks for himself

I think we really need and holiday, an Italian one, I cannot wait to go back home on Friday, spend time with my family, go shopping in Milan, see my friends, and go back to eat normally (I finally lost that famous kg I was going on about, but just for the stress!) Now I’m back in the kitchen cooking away and being happy, do you want to see my latest creations?

Salmon fillet with crème fraiche, breadcrumbs and lime with green peas puree with crème fraiche and Thai green curry paste with chestnut mushrooms cooked in honey gorgonzola and brie cheese….what a wonderful dinner!

Yesterday morning I made Frangelico (Italian hazelnut liqueur) tiramisu to go for dinner to my mother in law…WOW it was good!

As you can see everyone know about my passion for Hello Kitty….only Hello Kitty Easter eggs for me so far, my friend Shonda will be happy as well!!! 🙂

And what about my latest discovery? While reading Grazia I came across an article about Pinterest…check me out if you wish!

3 Responses to “Back in business, into my kitchen! Surrounded by Hello Kitty Easter eggs and very soon from my family!”

  1. Shonda 04/04/2012 at 3:44 PM #

    Love your Hello Kitty eggs! Really cute. I hope the Easter Bunny brings me one! Have a wonderful holiday in Italy. Eat lots of pasta. Tell Kim hope he is feeling better. Wow- looks painful!

  2. nonfashionista 06/04/2012 at 10:19 AM #

    OH I do hope your husband’s arm recovers soon. I want to go to Italy so much, I’ve heard wonders of Milan, I had a friend who was studying in Politécnico de Milano so I’m almost a ‘local’ lol. Enjoy your Easter and Italy!

    • annainherwonderland 06/04/2012 at 10:27 AM #

      The famous politecnico! I studied at the istituto europeo di design, in milan every day for 3years, i miss it! Have a good easter yourself!!!! X

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