Back from a few days of hell, and now countdown for an Italian Easter celebration!

2 Apr

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry to have let the blog not updated for so long but unfortunately I had a few days of hell that are finally nearly gone and now  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…with an Italian Easter egg waiting for me!

Got myself too much sun last week when the weather was more for summer time than spring time, days too hot, nights too cold so I got myself into a nasty cold that made me struggle a bit, on Thursday night my husband decided again that was time to work in the garden, which we did, he wanted to do a bonfire but probably too much petrol went on an a big BOOM made me jump and burnt my husband’s arm and hand…an hour and half later after shouting at him : I take you to A&E! for an hour, he convinced himself and off we went, luckily, now he’s recovering but the stress of that, taking care of him completely and my never ending cold did not help me to cope very well with all the stress, I am not good at coping even in normal situation so, the weekend was interestingly hard for and stressful for me, I hope that tonight finally I will fall asleep and sleep for long time…not being able to sleep for the past four days, breathing problems and stress…can you imagine me with PMS? Well multiply that feeling for 100 and you will find my state of mind at the weekend!

The only thing that gave me so much joy this weekend was Imogen, the pretty little baby of my friend that I went to visit yesterday and I was struggling to leave…how can something that small and cuddly can make you so happy? She is gorgeous and I hope the yummy mummy does not mind if I post a snap of her…

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