Tiredness can kill….that’s why I’d rather to stay in bed for longer in the morning! Sleepy wonderland in the countryside

23 Feb

The alarm rang at 7.20 for my husband, rang again at 7.25 again for him, and I kept on sleeping, despite the noise of the shower from the bathroom. My alarm rang at 7.55, I couldn’t face it, changed at 8.30, 8.05 my husband came to say good bye and : Why are you not getting up?

I heard your alarm…. – I am not getting up yet, I need some sleep!

Never been a morning person…and I never will…and For the Better of Mankind I don’t want to become a morning person…ask to my parents…I get grumpier than Grumpy if I do get up too early!

A good breakfast anyway does sort me out, plus I got on the scales this morning and I have already lost 800grams, which is, let me convert…less than a kg, 1.54 pound or 1 lbs 8.692 oz…getting confused but the healthy eating plus the gym is working, YEAH!!!

Some healthy eating and smaller portions always help…yes you can even see bacon…just eat less!


Starters, tuscan style tomatoes and beans soup

And dinner…yes you can! chicken breast wrapped in pancetta and creme fraiche cheese…bring it on diet!

And … I feel better!

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