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Today is one of those days…

28 Feb

Today is one of those days…you have everything you want, everything you need, but, there is a but…there is that shadow of “I’m not completely 100% happy because something does not go as planned”. Nothing to do with love, nothing to do with family, nothing to do with health, just something…that bothers you.

But I take this is life, isn’t it? Trouble is I haven’t got an “in between” status, I’m black or white, I’m so happy or so sad, I’m so sweet or I’m so bitch, or as Katy Perry would say I’m so hot or so cold, yes or no, in or out, up or down…

So, why don’t I talk about something that can cheer me up? Let’s talk about food then! I bought for Valentine’s Day an Italian recipe book for my husband but I must admit that I’m using it quite a lot…last night at the Collins’s House we had mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola and honey, thanks Gino D’acampo! Followed by turkey breast in breadcrumbs with lentils in a curry sauce…let’s plan another dish then..I think somehow I was born wearing an apron!

Dining out, drinking with friends, new car, donkeys…that’s what happened in a weekend in wonderland!

26 Feb

I had a great weekend; everything happened for a reason and let’s talk about…maybe in pictures it’s going to be easier at the moment due to my hangover spelling problems!

Friday night, dinner out with friends to a very nice Thai restaurant…which my husband thought to have booked the table but he did actually book the wrong one!  We managed to eat to the one we wanted anyway. Next time I will book the restaurant!

Saturday, lot of driving around and despite the diet we stopped to McDonalds for lunch to get something quickly and carry on…diet will start again tomorrow sorry about that!

Stopped to an Audi showroom to look at cars…ended up ordering my new car, so exciting and so happy!!!

Running late we met up with friends for drinks and dinner, amazing combination but…shame when at 2am you throw up everything!

Everything happens for a reason…I will drink less next time!!!

Sunday…hangover, headache, and gardening. I’m smoky right now…thanks to the bonfire!

Went for a spin in the countryside…and saw some donkeys in a field…so my husband took his chance to see how similar we look…right I am a donkey then!!


24 Feb

As you all know, I AM NOT a fashion blogger, and as you all know I never will. But yesterday when I saw the sun shining over the fields and the warm temperature coming in through the window I felt like spring was already here…luckily without hay fever yet!

I was going through Look magazine and we I saw this picture I thought: I have the same jeans, just bought them last week in Italy! So… why not make a fool of myself with some pictures? Here we are

Will I be able to walk in this electric blue Topshop shoes again? Let’s bet…

Why not being more comfortable…with pink ballerinas?

The sunshine was incredibly nice yesterday, I was driving around and feeling happy…and let’s think it’s weekend now!!! Enjoy!!

Tiredness can kill….that’s why I’d rather to stay in bed for longer in the morning! Sleepy wonderland in the countryside

23 Feb

The alarm rang at 7.20 for my husband, rang again at 7.25 again for him, and I kept on sleeping, despite the noise of the shower from the bathroom. My alarm rang at 7.55, I couldn’t face it, changed at 8.30, 8.05 my husband came to say good bye and : Why are you not getting up?

I heard your alarm…. – I am not getting up yet, I need some sleep!

Never been a morning person…and I never will…and For the Better of Mankind I don’t want to become a morning person…ask to my parents…I get grumpier than Grumpy if I do get up too early!

A good breakfast anyway does sort me out, plus I got on the scales this morning and I have already lost 800grams, which is, let me convert…less than a kg, 1.54 pound or 1 lbs 8.692 oz…getting confused but the healthy eating plus the gym is working, YEAH!!!

Some healthy eating and smaller portions always help…yes you can even see bacon…just eat less!


Starters, tuscan style tomatoes and beans soup

And dinner…yes you can! chicken breast wrapped in pancetta and creme fraiche cheese…bring it on diet!

And … I feel better!

Everywhere today has a different name, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardi Gras…I just know it’s FAT TUESDAY and I’m on a fricking diet!

21 Feb

After 4 days of indulging and enjoying the time in Italy with my family and friends, yesterday I came back home to my husband, left a rainy Milan, got on the busiest Easyjet flight ever…does anybody work on a Monday afternoon instead than flying from Milan to London??

Came back to my gorgeous husband who bought for me a frog made of soap…I love frogs!!

Plus he cooked for me sausages and mash…just to go back to the British traditions, trouble is…I’m getting old, and despite my high metabolism I’m putting some weight on and I’m not happy. I’m probably 2 kilos more than my right weight…please do not slag me off I know it’s nothing but…I’m going to be in my bikini in 13 days lying down overlooking Downtown Miami so…I want my perfect weight back!

That’s why I just came back from the gym where I sweated my ass off on the crossramp…hopefully I’m going to lose weight not become a mini body builder with thick thighs … I just need to focus less on food and focus more on the gym and diet…without becoming like her!

BUT I am struggling today, it’s Martedi Grasso, or Fat Tuesday and I miss my Aunt Tina’s chiacchiere…and I miss dress up, and I miss the Carnival in Venice…OMG!!

Right…Anna just focus…and think about dinner time!!!

An Italian weekend in pictures, thanks to my Blackberry!

19 Feb

I don’t understand what’s going on with the WordPress site, I still have to use my ipod to post but it doesn’t matter… i’ll try anyway, fighting the touch screen! Friday night, birthday party, saturday night, dinner with friends, i will go on a diet from wednesday I promise, why not monday?? Well let me spend fat tuesday in a good way!
















The pleasure of being home, even for a few days!

17 Feb

Really struggling at the moment with the wordpress platform, that’s why I’m blogging from my ipod touch! Being back home… Great!










20120217-191125.jpg. Sorry about the mess of this post… What have I been up to? Lots of food as usual!

A day in London town and Valentine’s day…better in pictures!

15 Feb

Waking up on Valentine’s day…with 24 red roses in bed…amazing

Card collections and lots of chocolates…

London Calling

Saint Paul’s cathedral…where my second great-grandfather was christened

Still protesting…or camping

Lunch in Covent Garden…meat based

I have always said that Louis Vuitton makes pieces of art

Who doesn’t fancy to cuddle up with a teddy bear?

Italians want a coffee after lunch…maybe not from Starbucks next time!

Window retail therapy always makes you feel better

Aperitif time before the romantic dinner

Enjoying the local rose sparkling wine

And as you can see I ditched my high heels very soon…

Dinner time


Love the mussels

And love dinner even more!

Veal with parma ham and buffalo cheese with potatoes

It’s Monday, but please l pretend I’m still enjoying the weekend!

13 Feb

This weekend just gone was just about lots of food, lots of cooking and lots of drinking…that’s why I don’t want to let it go!

I let the pictures to speak for me:

Saturday night, in, eating Italian cheese and drinking red wine

At one stage the cat decided to read my magazine

Sunday morning, good start with a cappuccino

Followed by bacon and fried egg in fresh bread…

Followed by a few hours enjoying the swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, so we could eat more later!


But it’s not over yet, my husband made a new york cheesecake to show me that I suck at baking…he’s right!

Now, do you understand why I nearly cried this morning when I checked my weight on the scale? I have two solutions…or I change all the jeans in my closet or…I eat a bit less!

I live in a frozen wonderland, please temperatures increase a bit! A frosty weekend in the countryside!

11 Feb

When I woke up this morning it was -5 C, or if you prefer 23 F…it was bitter! Sunny and beautiful day but not that pleasant to be outside, even if we were around shopping! I discovered a town I have never been before not far from where we live, nice high street plus I discovered a good restaurant called Cau, Argentinian steakhouse in the heart of Guildford , a nice burger and a good beer always make me warm!!!

I fancied going out for dinner tonight but it’s already below freezing and I really don’t fancy going out with leggings, jeans, long sleeves t-shirt, jumper, scarf, woolly hat, gloves, Ugg boots…not really a glamorous outfit is it? Luckily I’m not British… I don’t brave the cold with a mini dress and high heels…I’ll leave this to the Essex girls…!! As you can see someone is really that crazy I am not making this up…Maria from Towie…bless you…in a cold and flu way! Pictures from the Daily Mail on line

Night in then…what did I cook last night? Someone has been rude, I made a mushroom’s soup and as you can imagine the colour does not look inviting…but tasty! And spaghetti with prawns garlic tomatoes and green chillies, really spiced up my evening!

Keep on enjoying the weekend please!


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