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Friday, ABSOLUTely dreaming to be in MIAMI…let’s enjoy the weekend!

20 Jan

An animated website made me feel like being back to Miami…well I do dream to be there full time so it wasn’t difficult for me thinking about how much I miss South Beach…too early on the day for a drink, but now I fancy an Absolut Miami cocktail at the Mondrian hotel…take me back there please! And everyone can dream with me clicking the link…dream with me!

(Ps: Absolut can I have a stock of bottles? they will look so good in our Miami condo!) 🙂

Have a good weekend to you all!!!


Recipe books and lifestyle resolution, what’s going on in my wonderland?

19 Jan

I’m feeling in a funny phase of my life at the moment. I’m 27, this year I will be 28, married, don’t want kids before 3 years time at least, I have a lovely husband that loves me so much, I have a family in Italy that would die for me and my happiness, I feel like travel all the time, I have lots of interested, I started to write this blog in august and I’m so happy about how much satisfaction it gives me, I am happy, I could not deny this fact, but…despite all, I still feel kind of “incomplete”, or not completely satisfy right now.

What can I do to spice up my life? I would like some changes, do something that will make me more enthusiast and passionate…I would even love being at home for a while just being an housewife full time, I would like to try to see how it will be like…despite after a few days I will feel so bored, I know myself! Or working more from home, at the end of the day once I have the laptop and the internet connection I can work from anywhere and no one needs to know!

But thinking about better, it would be good! I will maybe join the gym (never been in a gym in my life…I couldn’t do it if I work full time but if I will be more free…why not?), have breakfast with my husband in the morning, go to the gym, go shopping

(NOT CLOTHES SHOPPING…well maybe some days I can get the train to London…please anna focus!)

cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking….do you know what??? I should start to write a recipe book…no I’m not going mad thanks; I love to cook, so why not put on paper…or on Microsoft word my food creations? I’m a creative person when it comes to cook.

My husband if he has to cook follows a recipe without miss 1 gram of whatever goes in the recipe, I’m creative…so I need red onions to cook the Nigella’s recipe but I have only white onion with me? I’ll use the white it will be fine…my husband will tell me off!

Right…I’ll try this!! My husband after 3 years of my cooking is still alive without any health problem so I must be ok….will it work for me? Let’s see!

Anna in her wonderland cooking book from the heart of Northern Italy…Move over Nigella!

Sorry I’m already thinking too fast!


Time zones worldwide, where am I right now? In my wonderland!

18 Jan

Yes, it’s one of those days. No I haven’t got my period yet, I’m just on moaning mode, so I have warned you!

Nearly 5 days later the jet lag hasn’t abandoned me yet, feeling so awake when it’s time to go to sleep and feeling like I cannot wake up when it’s time to.

I think my body is in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) but my brain and my soul are still on Eastern Time (EST)!

I’m feeling so confused, so I tried to treat my body with some rays of light (from the sun bed shop not from Brighton beach, it’s raining and it’s grey, no one can see the sun!). I hate the wintery cold humidity, my hair after being out for 15minutes makes me look like a scarecrow, where’s gone my long bob made by my favourite gay French hairdresser??

Please wake me up when the spring is coming! Can’t face the sales either, in holiday I read the last book of my favourite writer, Sophie Kinsella, mini shopaholic, so every time I see a shop I feel like to buy everything! I’m not on my right size at the moment so it will be a waste of time and money to try on something…someone please cheer me up!

How can I find the right pair of jeans after my favourite one passed away?

17 Jan

Unfortunately ten days ago when we were away I had to wave farewell to my favorite pair of jeans, I was sad. I bought this Cycle jeans during the sales in 2006, paid a lot and worn them until they went from dark blue to white and I had to give up completely when I sat on the sofa and they broke completely on my bum…luckily I was at home and only my husband saw that.

The trouble now is…I cannot find the right pair of jeans that can fit me properly! Most jeans around the shops are just super skinny, let alone the jeggings…I do not like them, they make me look like I have a Kim Kardashian’s bum!

Shall I scroll through my wardrobe then? Just to remember!

Sisley black and suede colour jeans, skinny, but not too much.

I used to wear Jacob Cohen jeans, still have 3 or 4 pairs that I wear to go to work, a bit faded all of them!

Diesel Matic jean…lovely

This Zara high waist jean from the 2008 season are awesome, I love how they fit my legs, shame that they are not that comfortable…it takes ages to undo the buttons if you need to pee!

One of my last purchases, j brand skinny in emerald green, I love!

Actually yesterday I realized that there are the sales going on at the moment on the high street and I found this jeans in Zara for 14.99, could I leave them there? No way, I didn’t have a pair of brown jeans…shame that I had to buy size 36 instead than my usual 34…hate this 2kg I put on!!

I’m sure I have a few more pairs somewhere, all saints, Hollister or something else. So..have I got enough jeans for the moment? My mum will say yes…but please help me with your jeans recommendations!!!


Insomnia, jet lag, sickness and pms…not a good way to start the week!

16 Jan

Let’s face it. It’s so cold, I wanted to cry when the alarm rang this morning, didn’t want leave the bed and let alone leave the house, got out, freezing cold and looks like it was snowing, arrived in station, trains delayed, and oh my god I want to go back home!

Please someone wake me up when the winter finishes!

It’s not a Funday today I’m afraid!

The only good thing about today is…I have been married for 6 months, happy anniversary to us! Sent some flowers to my husband at work…please do not say maybe they haven’t arrived yet!


I miss the streets of Bridgetown…and I have the Cinderella’s syndrome today!

14 Jan

I love this song from Rihanna. I loved from the first time I heard in Loud. And I loved even more when I heard this song and other reggae songs in the streets of Bridgetown….I miss Barbados and the good time we had already so much, but I’m so glad I visited Rihanna’s country! Today the jet lag made me like Cinderella…I felt like cleaning all day, so I did!

Dream is over, shall I wake up? Noo! Want to go back to Miami!

13 Jan

Landed this morning in the freezing cold London after a flight that went down with some beer, some bloody Mary and some valium, and despite all these tricks I couldn’t sleep anyway on the plane!

The jet lag is not driving me mad…yet. Let’s see what time I will wake up tomorrow! By the way I am already counting the days to go away again, the 5th of March luckily is just around the corner! By the way Wednesday night we tried the latest crazy experience in Miami, Barton G the restaurant in West Avenue, 2minutes walking from our place and a great dinner experience…lets the picture to speak for me! And you will understand why now I’m on a diet!


Aperitif time, at Barton G

Tuna Zen trio


My main course, sesame tuna and noodles

Kim’s main course, mahi-mahi

Richard’s main course

The chocolate fountain at the table next to us…and 3 tables shared!

Birthday at the table next door

And the painful moment of the bill!

We ate so much, that’s why we a such a light lunch the day after!

And the last few hours…

Why am I getting fat? I’ll try to explain

11 Jan

When I’m in America for some strange reasons I always have every kind of cravings. From burgers to chocolate, from peanut butter to french fries…plus it doesn’t help the fact that our Australian friend Katrina always suggests us good place to go to eat.

My last discovery is shake shack in lenox avenue, just at the top of Lincoln road, it’s a fast food where the burgers taste like real beef, not like the crap they sell at McDonald’s…and the price is the same! Got a burger from there as late dinner when we came back from Barbados…and I have been dreaming of since!

Lunch for us there today…my husband tries to keep me healthy with nice homemade salads for lunch but there is nothing I can do, I could keep on eating all day! Trouble is…. My shorts are feeling too tight…let alone that I’m not even trying to put my jeans on! Diet from friday night on…well actually is not fair start a diet on a friday, the jet lag will kill me anyway…so my late new year’s resolution is…diet from monday!x

All the way around the island…in our mini car! Enjoyed the real Barbados! And now…back to Miami!

10 Jan

I apologize but in Barbados I had some wi fi trouble at the resort,so frustrating when 2 days ago I spent half an hour to write thw blog, reduce the pics and all that, ready to blog and I couldn’t! So… Back to Miami for a few days…but I’d like to show the post I wrote 2 days ago, shall we go back time? I hope you don’t mind!

8th January 2012

Feeling very tired and I start to feel my skin hitchy and a bit burnt from the strong Caribbean sun, but I still love here!!! Shame that tomorrow we are leaving the island,but we are going back to Miami so, it is not going to be that traumatic! Rented a car for the day and off we went to explore the island, we met a tour guide..allegedly…jumped in the car with us and went around with him, on saint Lucy to see were the Atlantic ocean touches the barbadian shores…went to see the goats and the Cowes overlooking the bay, saw the big mushroom rocks where once the sea was arriving inland…left him and lighter by 50 us dollars we went to the east coast and we ended up in a town called Bathsheba, a surfing paradise!!! Love it here so much…shall I let the picture to speak? Let’s go!

Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta, Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival; Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean…Barbados I love you!

8 Jan

Hello everyone,

Apparently I disappointed my mum because I didn’t post for a day…so I try to save myself with a last minute post before go out on a boat ride for the day!…well it was my plan but unfortunately the Wi-Fi wasn’t working today at the hotel!

So sorry about that…but for 2 days we didn’t have any wi fi at the resort, now finally it’s all sorted!

Loving the Barbados, loving the people, so friendly and so polite…the only thing is … there are too many Brits here and full English breakfast wasn’t my idea of a Caribbean breakfast!!!

Enjoy the pictures!!!


just checking if my bum got bigger than kim kardashian’s one…

getting ready for the evening…

aperitif time

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