Why am I getting fat? I’ll try to explain

11 Jan

When I’m in America for some strange reasons I always have every kind of cravings. From burgers to chocolate, from peanut butter to french fries…plus it doesn’t help the fact that our Australian friend Katrina always suggests us good place to go to eat.

My last discovery is shake shack in lenox avenue, just at the top of Lincoln road, it’s a fast food where the burgers taste like real beef, not like the crap they sell at McDonald’s…and the price is the same! Got a burger from there as late dinner when we came back from Barbados…and I have been dreaming of since!

Lunch for us there today…my husband tries to keep me healthy with nice homemade salads for lunch but there is nothing I can do, I could keep on eating all day! Trouble is…. My shorts are feeling too tight…let alone that I’m not even trying to put my jeans on! Diet from friday night on…well actually is not fair start a diet on a friday, the jet lag will kill me anyway…so my late new year’s resolution is…diet from monday!x

2 Responses to “Why am I getting fat? I’ll try to explain”

  1. Giovanna 12/01/2012 at 7:02 PM #

    eating well is one of the greatest pleasures of life .. diet is certainly not a good resolution for the new year … 😉 (come sono andata?) bacione

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