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Happy new year to everyone…while boating in paradise!

31 Dec

I want to wish to everyone an amazing happy new year, with lots of love.
We are still here in Miami, been up and down on the flat calm ocean and tomorrow to celebrate the new year we are going to go to Bahamas….

The fabulous life of Anna in her wonderland!!!

With love

Living the American dream…a la Miami Vice… (With a bit of dizziness)

31 Dec

Hello everyone,

What a long and amazing day we had today! Been boating from Ft Lauderdale to South Beach on my husband’s boat…I’m still scared of the speed because I feel dizzy when the jump out of the water…but it was good, perfect sunshine, not too hot, not too cold…just great!

But shall I step back 24hours? Last night we went to our favourite local restaurant, Barceloneta in Purdy Avenue and the dinner was too good to be true! Gazpacho bloody mary, chorizo cooked in cider, langoustine in chocolate and tomatoes, risotto with sausage and mushrooms…and probably something else…Oh my I’m going to be so fat when we go back home! Stopped in Publix for a few bits and off to sleep, the jet lag is still affecting us a lot!

So Today it was a Donzi day, left the rental car and we got the boat…it was so good drive around South Beach and going up at down (at maximum speed 69 miles per hours…it was too bumpy if it was quicker for me!), and it was great see so close what I normally see from the balcony, downtown, the obelisk…we love Miami so much!!!!

Well. It’s the 30th December, at least here with the Eastern Time…so…if I don’t post tomorrow, happy New Year to everyone!!!!

With love


Fancied a coffee, ended up with a coffee machine! That’s Miami baby!

30 Dec

Hello everyone, sorry about the delay on posting on my blog but yesterday I had to face a 9hour flight, nearly 2hours in the customs queue and a late burger to sort out my jet lag! We are back here, I love Miami so much, I do belong here that’s for sure! Shame that is not as warm as I was planned, today has been cloudy but I’m sure tomorrow is going to be a better day! Breakfast, bank, post office, whole foods, 2 corona beers for lunch, homemade seafood spaghetti…and fell asleep in the cold sunshine for an hour! Fancied a coffee around 5.30, fancied go to the nespresso bar…we couldn’t even sit down at the bar…have you booked a table? They asked…for a coffee?! Of course not…so we looked around and what did we do? Well no coffee machine yet in our Miami condo…best time to get one! And just around the corner we discovered a very cool shop, Adidas SLVR…It does not get better when they have the sales on! Now…blogging time…a pinacolada soon…and dinner out probably where I tried my gaspacho bloody Mary, cannot wait! and tomorrow…is going to be another day…with my husband’s boat here!!! Have a lovely night evening afternoon or whatever is going to be… Jet lag makes my brain a bit slower!xxx

Back in the country…and we are leaving again!

27 Dec

Hello everyone,

Back home!! We exchanged Christmas presents last night and my theme’s present was , of course, hello kitty!! My husband’s theme was, lucky him, Louis vuitton, cigarette holder, sunglasses and key holder…all in brown damier! And now it’s time to take the Christmas tree down, drink some rose…and pack to go to Miami tomorrow! Loving the festive period!!!

But I miss my gorgeous niece….martina I heart you!

I will blog from Miami…keep calm…get a valium…and travel on!!!

All I want for Christmas….is food!!! Italians do it better

26 Dec

For Italian people Christmas day or in the south even Christmas eve, it’s all about the food, no matter what.

Our Christmas lunch started yesterday at 1.30 pm and finished at 9.30 pm, 8 hours of non stop food and enjoying the time spent with the family and the kids! Feeling a bit sick today and had lots of nightmares last night but now we are ready to start again, boxing day lunch at mine!

The pictures will speak by themself…

table is ready

Auntie and niece

Even Santa came along…or my brother!

the Christmas menu

My favourite, gorgonzola, brie and walnuts cake…GREAT!

pudding number 1 and…

pudding number 2!

And the day before we exchanged a few presents with friends…

Gandhi wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf…PEACE WITH FASHION!

And my friend’s one…KARL WHO??

and a retro handset for my cousin’s iPhone!

Have a great day everyone and please don’t stop the celebrations!!

Flying back home to see my gorgeous husband tonight, I love spend time with my friends and family but I cannot wait to see him!!!


I wish you a Merry Christmas with love…enjoy the panettone and the celebrations!!!

25 Dec

I wish you a Merry Christmas, a very good one. I wish for all of you happines, joy, health, and prosperity.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, with an Italian touch.

I’m going to spend an amazing day with my family, at my sister in law’s parents house, cannot wait, I have to get ready!

I’m living in an Italian winter wonderland! Christmas is so close!!!

24 Dec

So close to Christmas that I still cannot believe, everyone is still running around to get the last minute presents for friends, family, ect, I witnessed to this yesterday afternoon walking along Via Venti Settembre (street 20th September, Bergamo), it was so busy , but people are brave, facing the cold and walking up and down with lots of bags!

On my way back I stopped to my aunt floral shop, transformed for the festive season in a winter wonderland…I love it!

You can even see my mum in the background 🙂

And what better than a massive cup of tea to finish off my wonderful day on a winter wonderland?

Alice in wonderland inspired cup of tea for me!!! Earl grey, with  a drop of milk…so British!

Christmas eve…I want only relax and enjoy my family today, on the notes of Michael Buble Christmas cd, present for my dad!


Happy Christmas eve and happy Christmas to everyone!!!


23th December 2009 – We got engaged and 2 years on we are already married!

23 Dec

It doesn’t even seem real what happened that evening in my town in Bergamo Alta, when Kim asked me to marry him … if I think that we got married already I cannot believe it!

For who didn’t receive our christmas card, we wish a merry christmas to everyone!!!!


Food, drinks, chocolate panettone, prosecco and PUMP IT UP THE JAM!

22 Dec

In my own country it’s all about food, I nrmally don’t get up before 10.30/11am and while I’m eating breakfast my mum is already baking bread and cooking lunch, we are just non-stop!

Afternoon doing shopping, evening out with friends, ending at a friends house for more food…loving the chocolate panettone!!!! And why not entertain ourselves with just dance wii workout?

I have to admit, I did not have a go, too embarrassed to do…but my best friend did a good performance on Girls just wanna have fun and her boyfriend really rocked with PUMP IT UP THE JAM…

By the way I went for that famous or notorious sun bed yesterday (I’m saying that because despite I’m 27 years old, married and grown up…my mum told me off! 🙂 ) So now I look like a brown version of the scream!

I’d like to say thanks to all my 103 followers, God you are making me so happy and pleased with my blog, never thought people would like to read my stuff, but really Thanks to everone!!!

Shit…now I cannot get rid of this song….

Pump up the jam
pump it up
while your feet are stomping
And the jam is pumping
look ahead the crowd is jumpin’

Sleeping in an Italian bed while dreaming in English! That’s what happened to me last night!

21 Dec

I was exhausted, I really was. Yesterday I had an early start to go to the airport to fly back home,  landed in Milan, got on the train to go to my brother’s house and at 11am I finally arrived after my nearly 6hours journey!

I got there and my little niece was there, being very happy after I gave her a new Kitty…she was so happy and chatty yesterday!

My mum made me the breakfast of the champions, freshly squeezed orange juice, grapes and a Panini with salame, welcome home!!!!

After lunch…god bless my mum’s lasagne, I fell asleep cuddling the new kitty, later on we left to go to see my birthday’s cousin, 15 years old I cannot believe! Visited my aunt’s floral shop and I have been welcomed by thr gorgeous Isotta…she was missing me! 🙂

Felt so tired all day….dinner, and at 10pm I was in bed, my lovely Italian queen bed!! (a Californian one wouldn’t fit in my bedroom) and I slept and slept, for nearly 13 hours! Another day today, still haven’t got any plans apart seeing my friends tonight, I do miss my lovely husband, but it’s so damn good being back home!

I wish an amazing day to everyone!…I might go for a sun bed…looking like a ghost right now! 😉


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