The Degeneration of TV…Worldwide not only in the Kingdom!

29 Nov

Semi-reality shows, real life soap operas turned reality shows…awful actors…if we can even call these people with this name…despite we all criticize how crap is TV we cannot get enough of all these TV series that after a while they become phenomenon of style…their main phrases become part of our normal language…everyone can think about the Famous SHUUUUUUUT UP right now…

Right, shall I make a list?

The only way is Essex…what a TV series, thanks to them now the new generation of girls aspire to be orange, have fake boobs, botox and long fake eyelashes

(I love it, but I need subtitles to understand)

Made in Chelsea…the posh reply to the Essex gang…

(Never watched this, but I’m sure it will be the same of TOWIE just in a posher way)

Geordie Shore…the northern reply to Jersey Shore…

(Never watched either, but I’m sure I will never get the Geordie accent)

My latest addiction, Desperate Scousewives, started only last night and the polemics are already flooding

(I do like it so far…very hard to get the scouse accent but funny, I’m already in love for Jaiden the bitchy blogger!)

Going oversea…

Jersey Shore…the chaviest bunch of people, but damn funny! I wasn’t very happy to have them in my own country for the last series in Florence…but always entertaining! The Situation…what a character!

The real housewives of Beverly Hills…it made my evening one night in Miami at home alone, how much facelift botox expensive clothes and diamonds you can find in here???

TV is not the same anymore…reality is the key, everyone hates it but everyone is glued to the TV stuffing their eyes with lots of crap…I do miss the good old TV!!

SATC…..I miss you!

2 Responses to “The Degeneration of TV…Worldwide not only in the Kingdom!”

  1. TheCandrairawan 01/12/2011 at 11:25 PM #

    Wow, I had thought that the moron reality show is only happened in my country. I didn’t think that it would be happened in another country, like yours,

    I do agree about TV programs aren’t give any good show. In my country, there are so many drama that looked like a reality show too, even worse. For the example; “Termehek-mehek” – a tv program that contains about a person who make a report to the program’s crew, trying to find missing people, then the program crew give the help to find the missing people. There are many problem when they try to find the missing by the clues. But, the program is looked fake, cause it’s so ridiculous to know that they are looked like amateur actor/actress who act like in a real situation. A public lie.

    There are many reality show trying to blow up the pathetic of poor people, show their tears as a rating booster. Another reality shows about the paranormal activities that too much to be showed in one day.

  2. Taste for Fashion 09/12/2011 at 9:43 PM #

    I miss sex and the city too! such a great show :[

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