I knew it was coming…SOS!

20 Nov

I knew it. I was damn sure of this. I’m back and I’m back to be boring and see the sun going down at 4pm makes me feel like I’m going to kill myself.

A weekend in the British countryside, I should say a few hours yesterday and a few more today, between Friday and Saturday I slept 14 hours, how good was that???

Tomorrow is Monday, I cannot get my head around to go back to work tomorrow, to walk around again the same high street in Brighton, get the train, get a sandwich from Tesco…feel cold, OMG I want to move to Florida!!!

To cheer me up, or to get me more depressed…I have some more pictures from the holiday that I couldn’t upload a few days ago because they were on my blackberry….

Cheers everyone…to a Sunday evening…not even Rihanna’s new album helped me this weekend!

the last dinner in key west, massive shrimp cocktail glass for everyone

the sleepy parrots at the restaurant

it was supposed to be a present for my cousin christian!! 😉

key west art

the pet shop!!!

best breakfast in town

I repeat myself, best breakfast in key west

Jim’s tattoo, I will miss our two and half men’s session!!!

driving back through the keys…

tiki bar at Islamorada

So happy…my husband shared my nickname with everyone!


forgot about me and my friend marco!!! italians rule!


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