No Data No Party in South Beach!

16 Nov

16th November 2011, probably freezing cold back home and here is hot sunny and very humid, what a big difference!! Yesterday we enjoyed the last day all together at the beach, finishing off with a very nice lunch at Nikki Beach!

Drove twice at the airport to drop everyone off and here we are, my husband and I on our own!

Tuesday night, so we thought Delano night, we got there quite late, wanted a sushi dinner but the tall table was completely full, so small table on the side.

Wanted our favourite sushi…not on the menu anymore or not enough ingredients they had…disappointing. Waited a long time, had dinner and it was good.

Music was pumping up and lots of people were walking in.

Fancied a walk to the pool bar but we have been stopped, private party you can’t go there.

Nice. Tried again at the bar in…queue was too long.

Too many young and beautiful women around….with ugly and old men…that’s why I say Tuesday it’s P NIGHT at the Delano!

Another day in paradise…postponed our return at Friday morning…feeling a bit left out from the world because Vodafone stopped the data coming in my phone, so no emails no blackerry messenger etc..but it doesn’t matter right now!


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