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Break the tradition…just like that!

30 Nov

Winter evenings, countdown to Christmas, red wine, the blanket on the sofa, trash TV on, as usual, what else do we need to enjoy a pleasant cold evening? Some old good comfort food! It has been a while since my last Sunday Roast, and even longer for my husband, so in the past two weekends we tried to go for a pub lunch to enjoy a roast but due to a series to umpredictable events we weren’t able to make it, so why not have a Roast Dinner on a Tuesday night? it was good and delicious, plus I didn’t need to cook, Kim did!

Yeah…it was good!

Happy birthday to my Mum-in-Law, we are going to celebrate tonight at home with another homemade dinner by my husband again, looks like I’m on cooking strike 😉

– 2 days to our weekend in Venice

-20 to go back home for Christmas

-28 to Miami and Barbados!

I woke up with this song in my mind today, and because of Tinie Tempah I remembered one of our last holiday in March with friends, where we met him!

Becky, Tinie and me @ Surfcomber pool party – SoBe

My husband and I – moijto time!

Out for dinner, at joe’s stone crab

God I miss Miami so much!


The Degeneration of TV…Worldwide not only in the Kingdom!

29 Nov

Semi-reality shows, real life soap operas turned reality shows…awful actors…if we can even call these people with this name…despite we all criticize how crap is TV we cannot get enough of all these TV series that after a while they become phenomenon of style…their main phrases become part of our normal language…everyone can think about the Famous SHUUUUUUUT UP right now…

Right, shall I make a list?

The only way is Essex…what a TV series, thanks to them now the new generation of girls aspire to be orange, have fake boobs, botox and long fake eyelashes

(I love it, but I need subtitles to understand)

Made in Chelsea…the posh reply to the Essex gang…

(Never watched this, but I’m sure it will be the same of TOWIE just in a posher way)

Geordie Shore…the northern reply to Jersey Shore…

(Never watched either, but I’m sure I will never get the Geordie accent)

My latest addiction, Desperate Scousewives, started only last night and the polemics are already flooding

(I do like it so far…very hard to get the scouse accent but funny, I’m already in love for Jaiden the bitchy blogger!)

Going oversea…

Jersey Shore…the chaviest bunch of people, but damn funny! I wasn’t very happy to have them in my own country for the last series in Florence…but always entertaining! The Situation…what a character!

The real housewives of Beverly Hills…it made my evening one night in Miami at home alone, how much facelift botox expensive clothes and diamonds you can find in here???

TV is not the same anymore…reality is the key, everyone hates it but everyone is glued to the TV stuffing their eyes with lots of crap…I do miss the good old TV!!

SATC…..I miss you!

Monday…not one of my best day of the week!!

28 Nov

Monday…it makes me think about Craig David and this song…so old but still so good…I’m gutted that I haven’t met him yet, we could say that we are neighbours in Miami…only 4 blocks between Flamingo and the Mondrian!

Wake up on a Monday morning, it’s a trauma that hits me every week! And every Monday, like every other day of the week, I have to fight for a parking space at the station car park…Bless you Thinkerbell (my Smart’s name) I always manage to find somewhere to park with your size!

Luckily the day at work is going quick, town is busy with everyone running around the shops for the Christmas shopping….so looking around myself I can update my wish list!

Sony Bloggie Touch camera….it could be great for the blog as well…maybe in pink…let’s do silver so even my husband will be able to use it!

Smoke – Carvela Kurt Geiger boots…if I’ll kick someone’s ass it will hurt like hell! 😉

It will be a short week this one…Friday we will fly to Venice to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday plus my dad’s birthday…it’s going to be great…and cold!!!


Seeing green, everywhere!

26 Nov

My weekend so far has been cooking, running around, helping my husband to paint the kitchen, yeah we finally made it! The colour is called verde de terre…to me is a light and pretty green, that goes so well with my obsession!

More green for me…I had to do some gardening… (please don’t tell anyone but I cannot stand gardering), sorry but collecting leaves and put them on the other side of the garden, on a windy day, was a kind of difficult job to do…! Indian dinner for us tonight… The thing that made my weekend was a link sent over on Facebook from my friend Shonda….you see it yourself! Have a good weekend everyone!


To paint, or not to paint, that is the question

24 Nov

Only five days back in the country and I’m already trying to keep myself busy with lot of silly things in my mind just to not let me think that the next proper holiday will be in 34 days…someone help me! By the way I’m trying to give a different touch to the house, I have already put lots of wedding pictures everywhere, planning a new coffee table and a new rug…next thing in my mind is give a makeover to the kitchen painting the walls in a different colour…why can’t I just find an hobby to be interest in???

Not easy to find the right colour by the way…yesterday we picked up 3 neutral colours which they are supposed to be light brown creamy…not at all they are white on my kitchen wall!! Next stop…paint shop again…any suggestions please? The kitchen is in oak with black counter top…SOS again!!!

Countdown to Christmas…

23 Nov

What a day….I couldn’t even get up this morning, I felt so tired and powerless…looked out of the window and I thought to be in Milan, I couldn’t see a thing, the fog is so thick today and still…I cannot see what’s on the other side of the garden!

I had to fight the traffic, 10 minutes to do 1mile…not too bad then…no parking spaces at my usual car park in station, went to check the other one…no one space was free + 12 spaces have been taken away to do some sort of road works or to cut the trees from the wall behind…thanks bloody National Railway system, 50 pounds a month to park my bloody car and no spaces are available, I didn’t check the train timetable but I’m sure because the fog all the trains could have been delayed…damn it.

By the way I’m back home, chilling and thinking in a few days we can start the countdown to Christmas!!! I’m happy because I will go back home the 21 or 22 December, I will spend time with my friends my family and my gorgeous niece Martina and the 26 evening I will come back, celebrate Christmas with my husband…and the 28 December we will leave again to go to Miami and to Barbados, the proper honeymoon time….I cannot wait.

I love buy Christmas presents for my family and friends but I’m not too bothered about what I’m going to receive, at the end of the day Christmas has become just a commercial occasion to spend money and we don’t even know the real meaning of the festivity…but whatever…

If I could make a wish list, even an impossible one…this will be on my list:

I would love a new Louis Vuitton bag, costumized with Mon Monogram

Or in this color…

I know I’m old enough, but I would like to receive the Hello Kitty Vans…

I don’t know if this image is real or not, but if I know Christian Louboutin created this…well I want them!

I think the previous one looks better…but still cool!

What about an Hello Kitty dress….? just kidding, only LADY GAGA  rocks in a dress like that!

what else? …. I don’t know…move to Florida maybe?

Have a good day everyone!


Need some inspiration today please!!!!!

22 Nov

I am bored. Bored to hell. I need inspiration, and I’d love to have something to do.

I am not sure if the working housewife role is for me at the moment…in the meantime…I think about what I can cook for my husband tonight!

Why this song doesn’t want to leave me in peace today? Please Kelly let me go!

I knew it was coming…SOS!

20 Nov

I knew it. I was damn sure of this. I’m back and I’m back to be boring and see the sun going down at 4pm makes me feel like I’m going to kill myself.

A weekend in the British countryside, I should say a few hours yesterday and a few more today, between Friday and Saturday I slept 14 hours, how good was that???

Tomorrow is Monday, I cannot get my head around to go back to work tomorrow, to walk around again the same high street in Brighton, get the train, get a sandwich from Tesco…feel cold, OMG I want to move to Florida!!!

To cheer me up, or to get me more depressed…I have some more pictures from the holiday that I couldn’t upload a few days ago because they were on my blackberry….

Cheers everyone…to a Sunday evening…not even Rihanna’s new album helped me this weekend!

the last dinner in key west, massive shrimp cocktail glass for everyone

the sleepy parrots at the restaurant

it was supposed to be a present for my cousin christian!! 😉

key west art

the pet shop!!!

best breakfast in town

I repeat myself, best breakfast in key west

Jim’s tattoo, I will miss our two and half men’s session!!!

driving back through the keys…

tiki bar at Islamorada

So happy…my husband shared my nickname with everyone!


forgot about me and my friend marco!!! italians rule!


What the hell am I doing back here???

18 Nov

The jet lag is really affecting me a lot, not even able to write or speak, even in my own language!

Landed back home this morning around 10am, luckily thanks to the Valium I slept most of the way back, apart when we had a bit of turbulence and I was crying and biting my finger to not scream, but as you can imagine I’m here so all it’s good.

Still cannot believe 2 weeks I have been away and I’m still feeling like if I’m holiday but I am not and I should start to make it  clear to myself!

Feeling a bit foggy at the moment, the sun in England is already going down and all I can do it’s remember all the good memories with pictures!

Yesterday before leave I went to visit my lovely French hairdresser at Prive’Salon at the Shore Club, Marc never lets my hair down!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone, wherever you are!


gazpacho bloody mary at Barceloneta….amazing!

being silly….at home

27 or 7 years old?I do wonder sometimes

Getting ready for Christmas at aventura mall

before the hair cut

and after!!


Few more hours in paradise

17 Nov

and we will be back home tomorrow morning…leaving miami is never easy! 😦

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