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5 Oct

I’m so sorry I did not have enough time to write on my blog on Tuesday but it has been a very busy day! Got up with a very big headache, done some cleaning, did some work for the office, made lunch for me and my husband, went to the doctor (again…I will call myself Mrs blood test from now on…) and went to Vodafone to get my new Blackberry 9900…finally after 10 days it arrived! Unfortunately the guys tried to back up my old Blackberry on the new one but without success, and in the meantime they told me to go for a coffee..well I gave up coffee for tea so I went around the shops in town and I could not notice sales half price at La Senza, who doesn’t need a new bra and some pants??? My phone wasn’t ready, I had to rush at home to go to southampton to see friends, so I had to leave the new one at home in the box!!! Nice to see J and B again and have a nice Italian dinner, when I see San Pellegrino water, Birra Moretti and pizza in front of me my heart melts!!!

I heart BG

3 Oct

I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I’m close to something real
I wanna find something I’ve wanted all along
Somewhere I belong…

Linkin Park used to sing this lyric and it made me think about last night in town with my friends, I felt like a tourist in my own town but I felt that connection I missed for so long, I love Bergamo!

I still cannot believe how hot it is still, 29 degrees ( or 84 it’s up to you) and  around town it was so busy, lots of people walking around the shops, enjoying the aperitif time, chatting away with everyone…that’s what I miss so much!

After the aperitif we went to get the cable railway and another world opened up in front of my eyes, Bergamo Alta or Città Alta for everyone else…this  old part of town it’s particularly close to my heart because my husband asked me to marry him under the arches of Piazza Vecchia, the main old square, so you can understand the feeling when I arrive here!

Dinner was great, salame, cheeses, white wine, red wine, polenta, sausages, porcini mushrooms, I need a diet soon!! Walking around town for an ice cream it’s the final best thing to end your evening…I’m just about to fly back home in a few hours, and I do miss already all this so much!!!

For all my friends, Anna, Raffaele, Christian, Marco, Lory, Nicola…you made my weekend unforgettable! I love you all!








Saturday day ‘n’ night…in pictures!

2 Oct

A little present for my lovely cousin Maria Adele…from Miami to Mapello!

My mum was trying to take a picture of me inside the house

Aperitif time! We heart Aperol Spritz

Anna +Anna

A big hug between big friends!

The beard team!

Limoncello, the hypnotic poison

The Tandem!!! ❤

The pleasure of being back home

1 Oct

I still cannot believe I’m back home with my family  after more than 10 weeks, I’m feeling like a teenager again and I love being spoilt by my parents!!!!!

Had a very nice dinner with them last night, my mum cooked for me aubergine parmigiana and I love it! But I started with a nice glass of Prosecco to celebrate my arrival + a big slice of focaccia from Genova, God I miss the Italian regional cuisine so much!

My Saturday morning started early, every time I come back my mum sends me to hospital for blood test, just to check if I’m all right (bless her, funny enough I had last blood test  7weeks ago, I should start to explain to my mum that we have doctors and hospitals in the United Kingdom as well!) 😉

After the hospital visit we went for breakfast and I was dying for a cappuccino and croissant with cream, amazing!

I have started to realise that I become happy with such as small things when I’m back, now after have been out shopping for a few hours I’m back home, waiting for another amazing lunch and in the afternoon probably family again, aunts, cousins etc, and tonight, finally tonight, it’s time to go out with my friends! I haven’t seen my best friend since my wedding and I cannot wait to see her, hopefully we are not going to cry when we will see each other!

My Italian day so far has been great, and it will be amazing all weekend long, cheers!!!!!

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