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I left my heart on Lake Como….again!!!

17 Oct

Hello everyone I am very sorry but I couldn’t write over the weekend, I left my laptop at home intentionally to enjoy the time on Lake Como…and I really did!!!

My weekend started Friday morning when we landed at Milan Malpensa airport, my gorgeous niece and her granddad where there to wait for me. How lovely to see again my beautiful 16 months old Martina, and her panda of course! After this quick meeting we got our rental car, the same smart I have in the UK, even the same colour and we headed to the lake!!! It has been cold, very cold this weekend and I wasn’t prepared for that, not enough warm clothes with us and I just managed to buy a long jumper/dress…I was aiming to a pair of Christian Loubotin ankle boots but the price tag unfortunately was too high for the Collins!!!  Lots of food, lots of friends around and lots of walking!!! I was so excited when on Friday afternoon we drove to Laglio, I saw George Clooney’s house!! I know I’m such a tourist sometimes but I really needed to see it, amazing villa, but very small and silent town, and I left my heart there again, what a beautiful panoramas around the lake area!

The weekend went down well, apart when I had a panic attack when my friends during the Sunday race flipped the boat…I got so scared! Luckily nothing serious happened and they are both ok, I’m not used anymore to the powerboat racing environment…it was good to be back in again after a while! Here we are some pictures… see you soon again Lake Como!

Busy day but my week is over!

13 Oct

I have been arguing all day with the Vodafone customer service, I could not believe the rudeness of some people and the politeness of others… I’d like something in between please! Blackberry now is working but I’m still using the old device because the new one is fucked up, new software is good but the phone doesn’t support it very well….so…don’t let me go into again! Back home, back to brighton, dinner for two, two suitcases to pack and a very early night…as if I could fall asleep at 9pm…tomorrow morning at 5.30 we are off to Italy for the weekend, not my hometown this time…we are going to cernobbio, lake como, actually the clooney side of the lake, I cannot wait!!! Probably I won’t be able to update the blog day by day, sorry about that I will do a better version on monday with lots of pictures!!! Well…I wish (a bit early) a good weekend to everyone!! X

PS: just came back from Brighton, we discovered a place where they sell every type of cheese….. so we enjoyed a big cheese platter and a bottle of red wine, and of course I had to drive back home…but I’m here, so all it’s good!!!

Work in progress

12 Oct

I am very angry, really angry right now. Wrote a post on my new blackberry 9900, 8 days with me and only a few hours of battery life, ok back up and use again the old blackberry, couldn’t back up, lost lots of info + because the 3 days of crash from RIM I cannot re configure the emails, let alone receive them!!! Very angry….. Blackberry is really driving me crazy now, is it a coincidence that all this happened a week after poor steve job (bless his heart) passed away?? Maybe… I wish a nice evening to everyone. X


11 Oct

Lots of words were going on today, from the morning until the late afternoon, from a cappuccino for breakfast to a cup of tea after work, finishing with a glass of Gavi as aperitif while the dinner is being made.

Probably some things are going to change from today, probably I will have to work hard to get what I want to achieve, but from today I learnt today I will have just to speak more…yes MORE than my usual…and explain myself better to get better results….

Still enjoying my glass of wine, I wish a nice evening to everyone.

The wind of change is getting closer…

3 cups of tea a day to keep the doctor away!!!

10 Oct

It wasn’t a good day for me today, some cups of earl grey tea later, an “homemade” manicure and a pedicure and Sex and the City the movie…some tears later (I don’y know why but SATC always makes me emotional!) I feel a bit better, for some strange reason this TV series makes me think all the time about my friends, we have grown up together watching this and every single episode is alway connected to our own mood, how great is that? sometimes is tears, sometimes is laughter, but everytime is good and it makes you feel good!!! Still hoping in the third film….this is for you all!!!


Speechless Sunday…

9 Oct

Stick to what you are able to do!!!

8 Oct

Last night I tried to make the cupcakes, I had all the good intentions, all the good ingredients, but I failed. The sponge came out fine and tasty, apparently I don’t get on very well with butter, I melted the butter in the microwave, mixed with icing sugar, added the strawberries…nothing to do my husband threw the mix away and he did the icing again…right next time I cook some lasagne and I leave the cupcakes to the experts!!!!

Don’t like too much to use butter…next time I’ll go to visit my friend Sarah in her lovely cupcake’s shop, it will be worth to drive 90 miles to get some AMAZING cupcakes!!! If you want to see her website that’s the address

Right, today I slept until 10am, I needed some rest!! Went out for lunch my friend and her gorgeous girls….and now I’m planning the Saturday night dinner using a book of Italian recipes….STICK TO WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO is going to be my new motto!!!!

Weekend…time to indulge!

7 Oct

Left the office and a spell of sunshine was out, despite I still feel cold the sun ended my working week in a positive way, now it’s time to enjoy the weekend and indulge! I normally get requests in the kitchen:
Baby can you please cook spaghetti alla bolognese tonight? My husband said to me last night.
Anna can you please make cupcakes? You haven’t done for a while…said my stepson last week, well sorry pretty and clean kitchen but tonight I’m going to cook a lot and make a big mess…shall I call the cleaner to come again tomorrow? He just left at 5pm! Tomorrow I will be at home alone and what am I going to do? Go out for lunch with my friend and her gorgeous girls…take out all my winter clothes (sic)…and plan another dinner!!! I’ll keep you posted! Have a great weekend you all.

I might have fallen in love…

7 Oct

I couldn’t believe to my eyes when I saw them, seven Labrador puppies in front of me, in my friend’s house!!! When I saw them last Sunday they were eight days old and so gorgeous, I might have fallen in love for them!

Penny, the mother looked so protective and beautiful….well if anyone around Milan area wants a puppy please let me know, I will tell my friend!

From the Indian summer to the Ice Age!

6 Oct

I cannot believe how cold it was today in Brighton, fair enough we are already in October, but what it was all about last week with the hot days due to the Indian summer? I must take out of the closet all my winter jumpers this weekend if I don’t want to freeze myself! From flip flops to wellies, from moijto in the sunshine to a cup of tea in front of the fire…I know sorry I’m making a bit of a thing about it but bad and cold weather makes me more grumpy than normal, or should I say grumpier? Not sure I still need some English lesson! I revised my CV today and I’m quite happy about, I have some meetings planned for next week and maybe something is going to change…for those who read my post last week about “the wind of change”, I did not mean I want to have kids right now, just got married and despite being  27 years old I do still feel 16 so no way!! Talking about kids last night I saw on skype my gorgeous 16month old niece, she told me her favourite animal…the Pamba!!! And she put in front of the screen the panda toy of course, well probably some kung fu panda DVDs for her will be appreciated, poor me I was hoping to pass to her my passion for frogs!!! Nearly the weekend…cannot wait to get some rest!

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