Cravings…or just greediness???

21 Oct

I have always heard that pregnant women get every kind of cravings during the pregnancy,  as you all know I AM NOT pregnant, in fact I have cravings because I’m in my husband’s favourite time of the month (PMS…I think that’s why he escaped from me just now) 😉 and I started this morning at work in front of the screen to dream about…English food, or even if it is not English food it’s the type of food British people like to eat, so let’s start:

Tonight to open my weekend with a night in with my friend T. and what’s on the menu?

INDIAN TAKE AWAY, bottle of rose and probably a good dvd…craving number 1

SHEPERDS PIE to cook for my dinner tomorrow night…craving number 2

And to finish I can’t wait for my Sunday morning breakfast, known as well as the Breakfast of the champions….FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST…will it be sad go by myself for a full English on Sunday morning? Well I’m sure the Mail on Sunday is going to keep me company…probably see you on Monday, with a few kilos more around my belly!!!

How crazy is that? Soon without even recognise it I will speak with proper British accent….well…maybe not…but I’m definitely turning a bit British!

Enjoy your weekend!

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