Stick to what you are able to do!!!

8 Oct

Last night I tried to make the cupcakes, I had all the good intentions, all the good ingredients, but I failed. The sponge came out fine and tasty, apparently I don’t get on very well with butter, I melted the butter in the microwave, mixed with icing sugar, added the strawberries…nothing to do my husband threw the mix away and he did the icing again…right next time I cook some lasagne and I leave the cupcakes to the experts!!!!

Don’t like too much to use butter…next time I’ll go to visit my friend Sarah in her lovely cupcake’s shop, it will be worth to drive 90 miles to get some AMAZING cupcakes!!! If you want to see her website that’s the address

Right, today I slept until 10am, I needed some rest!! Went out for lunch my friend and her gorgeous girls….and now I’m planning the Saturday night dinner using a book of Italian recipes….STICK TO WHAT YOU ARE ABLE TO DO is going to be my new motto!!!!

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