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I don’t care if Monday’s blue…

31 Oct

Best way to kickstart a new beginning of the week?? Book yourself a 9am appointment for a blood test! Weekend went down well…lots of food, lots of driving around and lots of films to watch!!! Not lots of drinking involved unfortunately…the price to pay to have my parents here for 11days!!! Three official countdowns have started…. -1 my husband is back, finally!!!!!
-4 to Miami, I cannot wait!
-6 to be in Miami, on my own, for 2 days, priceless!! Sunbathing and shopping, all I’m going to do!!!

While I start to dream which bikinis to bring with me…oh forgot I have already everything there…I wish to everyone an amazing week!!
Beat the monday blues…well beat the monday evening blues by now!!


Lazy Saturday…just shopping!

29 Oct


Leggins…no please

28 Oct

I must say I am not a fan of leggings. Despite I’m thin with a Brazilian looking bottom, I do not feel confident wearing leggings, I think it shows every single imperfection. Everywhere I look here in England I can see girls wearing leggings, thin girls, chunky girls, everyone. I take in England wearing leggings it’s a kind of Off Duty and easy way to dress…but it shouldn’t. When I want to be off duty, or simply I don’t feel like give too much attention to what I wear, I just take out of the closed a pair of jeans and a T-shirt; it does work well all the time. Unflattering leggings, the new wool ones as well…should be banned from the nation. Or at least be banned after size 8…or at least be so decent to add a long jumper with…I’m not trying to be mean or “racist” against chunky girls…but please do think about girls, leggings do not help you. And who’s talking is a 48kg, 7.5stone, 105.6pounds that cannot stand to see this horror in the street.

I’m ok with skinny jeans…same principle, but at least skinny jeans are not cellulite – see through.

Please God, save the Queen and the nation from the leggings invasion!

Have a great weekend everyone and party rock 😉

Obsessed with Hello Kitty

26 Oct

I am a kid. A Big one. A 27 years old one.

And despite my age I do still love Hello Kitty, I don’t know why, that design have always appealed to me, I even made my 16 months old niece crazy for Hello Kitty as well, so when my parents arrived on Sunday with two Hello Kitty shirts as a present, well you can all imagine my joy!

27 years old…and I don’t fancy growing up.

One day…

25 Oct

One day, just one day. You plan this day for so long, sometimes up to a year. The day comes, you are so stressed to have everything perfect, and it goes so quickly and beautifully, as planned. But when is over, you have so many good memories and finally, three months and nine days later, I have the official pictures!!!!!

You will find some pictures in the top section The W Day, thanks to everyone who supported us on the 16th July!


My heart’s a stereo

23 Oct

Another beautiful day in the countryside, 17 degrees, sunny and lovely, shame to be on my own to enjoy it! I satisfied all my cravings of the weekend (please PMS leave me alone…), this morning I went to buy the paper and I headed to the tea room in Ditchling for a full English breakfast…small size!

Really satisfied  now, all my cravings are gone and now I have only to wait for my parents to land at 6pm tonight, cannot wait!

Just went for a drive on my husband’s RS3 with this song at full volume, why am I so obsessed with this song??

My heart’s a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo


Forgot to say, my parents are coming over with all my wedding  pictures, only 930 something to go through! I have some preview pictures…about a small accident I had just before getting married…poor jimmy choo’s shoes!

Serve chilled…The West Sussex Edition

22 Oct

I tried to keep myself busy to not feel too lonely but I just realised that there is no need to rush myself around and just CHILL OUT!!!

Enjoying a cup of tea while reading the paper, it’s a beautiful day, 12 degrees, sunny, not too cold and nice to look outside the window and see the railway on the other side of the fields, so I decided I’m just going to relax, that’s what I need! Bottle of wine, some gossip magazines, some DVDs, homemade dinner (craving number 2, SHEPERDS PIE for me tonight) , light music, candles and a good night sleep!

I wish to everyone a great Saturday night…



Cravings…or just greediness???

21 Oct

I have always heard that pregnant women get every kind of cravings during the pregnancy,  as you all know I AM NOT pregnant, in fact I have cravings because I’m in my husband’s favourite time of the month (PMS…I think that’s why he escaped from me just now) 😉 and I started this morning at work in front of the screen to dream about…English food, or even if it is not English food it’s the type of food British people like to eat, so let’s start:

Tonight to open my weekend with a night in with my friend T. and what’s on the menu?

INDIAN TAKE AWAY, bottle of rose and probably a good dvd…craving number 1

SHEPERDS PIE to cook for my dinner tomorrow night…craving number 2

And to finish I can’t wait for my Sunday morning breakfast, known as well as the Breakfast of the champions….FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST…will it be sad go by myself for a full English on Sunday morning? Well I’m sure the Mail on Sunday is going to keep me company…probably see you on Monday, with a few kilos more around my belly!!!

How crazy is that? Soon without even recognise it I will speak with proper British accent….well…maybe not…but I’m definitely turning a bit British!

Enjoy your weekend!

Versace and H&M…my Christmas will start the 17th November!

20 Oct

I arrived in office this morning at 10am as usual and the first email I got in my inbox was the Vogue newsletter with the first pictures of the Versace for H&M collection, I got so excited that I started to think, well what shall I get when the collection will be available in store?

Here you can see my favourite pieces:



PS: I think it’s going to be fun to fight in store the 17th November, the day before I will come back from Miami and 100% I will have an hell of jet lag affecting me…well hopefully I could start to buy online at 00.01! 🙂

Reading the Daily Mail online today I discovered that Jimmy Choo celebrate 15 years in the shoe business with a book….well something else to add to my shopping list, after I got my wedding shoes I fell in love for it

Right…I’m going to feel a bit lonely, my husband is away for 10 days and until Sunday night when my parents will arrive from Italy I will be a bit lonely…hopefully I’m going to manage to organise something or to go somewhere nice to keep myself busy…I will start to enjoy my ME TIME tonight with a glass of rose… I’ll drink to that!


These ZARA boots are made for walking

19 Oct

These boots are made for walking,

and that’s just what they’ll do

one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

I have been looking for a few days all around the High Street for a pair of winter boots, I wanted something warm but pretty, something with heel (I was’t going to wear them everyday anyway) but I couldn’t find nothing that caught my attention, when today I walked in Zara in Brighton just to have a look and I saw these boots, I fall in love for it  and when I saw the price tag…well I fall in love even more, only £ 49!!

They are confortable, quite high (11,5 cms./ 4,53 inches) but easy to walk in, and the sheepskin is going to keep me warm, thank ZARA, again!!!

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