Need some wind of change

28 Sep

I’m not happy today. Not at all and I haven’t been happy for nearly two weeks now. (it still cannot be the PMS!)

I’m still bored and feeling low, irritate, nervous and unhappy. I do feel like I’m wasting my time, my life and my enthusiasm. I do have a lot of enthusiasm, but I need something to stimulate my brain. I realized that I’m 27, not 19 anymore unfortunately, and messing about doing nothing that makes you happy it’s not acceptable anymore. I need a change, a big change in my life.

It sounds spoilt and maybe not everyone will agree on my non-happiness, I have an amazing family who would die for me, I have fantastic friends who love me and support me, I have a lovely husband who loves me but still, selfishly, it doesn’t seem enough right now to make me smile.  Sorry about my tantrums but I think my husband, my friends and my family need a break from my words.

One Response to “Need some wind of change”

  1. NADIA from Italy 28/09/2011 at 8:58 PM #

    BESTIONA!!!!1!!!!!!!! cosa vuoi di piu’??????
    Baci NADIA

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