Weddings and green should never be seen…F***off!

25 Sep

Last night we went to a friend’s wedding for the evening and I actually wanted to wear a pale pink dress but unfortunately after been eating too much in Miami the dress didn’t fit me so I had to go for my favourite choice of colour, GREEN! This dress is the best thing I have ever found in ZARA, the best 49 pounds spent in all my life!

Well apparently according to the superstition green is a very unlucky colour for a wedding, never heard of that but if Pippa Middleton worn a green dress last week as you can see in the article

Plus our bride was wearing a fuchsia going purple wedding dress….so I think every colour is allowed!

I wish all the happiness to Mike and Helen, you deserve it!

I didn’t know the first song they played for their first dance, but I knew the second one and I was going to cry,  Whitney Houston always affects me with I will always love you… I was looking for my Kevin Costner and of course, he was at the bar…so I had to drive at home, after a few glasses of wine, too many for my idea…but well I’m still here!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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