Unpredictably good!

21 Sep

I woke up this morning at 10 feeling so miserable, the cold I was talking about yesterday kicked off and I wasn’t able to get up at all, plus I hear the noise of the rain, done it I’m going to be in bed all day!

I managed to get up, do some work and I had to go out to see my husband so I thought, wellington boots then…I cannot stand the rain but I do actually like wear my purple rubber boots, I bought them last year in the North Laines in Brighton for 30 pounds, they are so pretty and so much better than Hunter boots, at the end of the day no one looks good in wellies so what’s the point to spend stupid money on a brand that you are going to wear only when it’s pissing rain??? 🙂

When I finally managed to get ready the sun was out and I thought…strange, so I went out to do some shopping and some stuff around town, when I came back I was sweating away in the car in my leather jacket, what’s going on weather??? At home was sunny and 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) and I went in the garden for a bit to enjoy the sun and make a fool of myself, I tried to do some rolls, flips or whatever I should say in English, I did some capriole and ruote and I’m still able to!!!!

Fingers crossed the weather is going to stay like that for a bit!!

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