The sun goes down, behind Downtown

11 Sep

Saturday was another crazy and busy day, been in the sun for 3 hours and my face has the same shade of a brown wooden floor…!

What a busy day, breakfast at Starbucks, DIY shopping at ace hardware, sunbathing for 3 hours and after more than 3 hours DIY… The Ikea kitchen is like making a massive puzzle! After some hours we decided to go out as usual, it’s weekend at the end of the day! Shopping for Kim at Atrium, aperitif at the Shore Club… I love the Morgan’s Hotel Group as you can understand, and our dinner tonight was Mexican, at Rosa Mexicano, on top of Lincoln Road where it meets Alton Road, what at experience again and what a nice dinner! The lady with the mobile guacamole station made my day as well, food was good! Probably at the end of this vacation I won’t have nothing to write about plus I will be so fat!!! Today more DIY for Kim and lots of sunshine and reading for my by the pool, enjoy your Sunday!

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