The Hangover – part 2

4 Sep


Just woke up after the wedding day on the Isle of Wight and I feel my head a bit heavy! It was a nice day, it took us four hours to get there due to the traffic, the ferry and more traffic but it was a nice and pleasant day. B and J got married on a garden in front of family and friends, after that we had the speeches, toasts, and we cut the cake. I was a bit disappointed when they say, ok guys dinner is at 5pm (I’m a foodie and my previous meal was a yogurt at 9am for breakfast)! So for that reason we filled the lack of food with probably too much champagne! Vegetarian dinner at 5 was good and around 7.30 we hit the road to come back home and we stopped for a pizza on the way! Weather was good, 20 degrees, sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny and my outfit was good, thanks Miss Selfridge! I wish all the best to B and J!!!! Now some pictures…have a good Sunday you all, whatever you are up to.

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