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The only way is….Berghem!

30 Sep

What a nice night last night, I can’t believe the amazing dinner my husband cooked for me and our friends, and thanks to Nigella’s book for the amazing recipes!!!! I will post the links later, I’m a bit in a rush now, clearing up the house, finish to pack, shower and off I go Milan I’m coming back, I cannot wait to arrive home!!!

I will post something else during the weekend just to keep my memories alive, in the meantime, funny enough, I have this song in my mind

Have a great weekend you all!!!!

My week is nearly over

29 Sep

A busy day at work, a bad headache (this time I do blame the PMS), the British hotwave or Indian summer, a suitcase to pack, a dinner party to prepare…what a day! Still feeling a bit upside down, still thinking about the wind of change I was talking about yesterday, but do you know what? I don’t have time right now to have a meeting with myself and sort myself out and decide what I want, I just want to enjoy my evening with our friends, fly back home tomorrow and enjoy my family and my friends as much as I can, I’m going to leave everything behind and carry on, come on it’s written everywhere, keep calm and carry on, or as I prefer keep calm and put the kettle on! How hot is today I can’t believe that, people where enjoying the brighton pavilion park and the beaches, I was just walking around as usual!! Dinner tonight will be cooked by my husband in collaboration with nigella’s book…it will be good! I’ll keep you posted, with the behind the scenes! Have a great evening you all.

Need some wind of change

28 Sep

I’m not happy today. Not at all and I haven’t been happy for nearly two weeks now. (it still cannot be the PMS!)

I’m still bored and feeling low, irritate, nervous and unhappy. I do feel like I’m wasting my time, my life and my enthusiasm. I do have a lot of enthusiasm, but I need something to stimulate my brain. I realized that I’m 27, not 19 anymore unfortunately, and messing about doing nothing that makes you happy it’s not acceptable anymore. I need a change, a big change in my life.

It sounds spoilt and maybe not everyone will agree on my non-happiness, I have an amazing family who would die for me, I have fantastic friends who love me and support me, I have a lovely husband who loves me but still, selfishly, it doesn’t seem enough right now to make me smile.  Sorry about my tantrums but I think my husband, my friends and my family need a break from my words.

Let the sunshine in…

27 Sep

I woke up this morning and it was raining, the fog was so thick I couldn’t see over the fields from the window when I was eating my breakfast, right I was prepared to face all day a miserable day!!

I’m bored, still bored as hell but finally around 11am the sun came out and on my lunchtime, still bored, I went to walk on the seafront,what a beautiful day!!! The temperature increased as well, so is this really the Indian summer the weather forecast predicted? Fingers crossed!

I don’t know why I keep on feeling so bored (should I blame the PMS?? It can’t be!!!)

I went around the Laines and I started to make a mental list of what I need to buy next, like a kind of Christmas letter to Santa but just about clothing so far:

From All Saints

From Kurt Geiger

Please husband read my blog and make my clothing wish to come true! 😉

Before I forget please vote Christian Andrea Longhi, art director, photographer and part of my family in this competition, like him on facebook or twet him  at @Farfa10, thank you!!!

Best of British food, with my own touch

26 Sep

I was stressed last week. Very stressed. I couldn’t sleep properly, lots of nightmares and I was starting to lose a bit of weight. Due to my husband’s schedule to work on his boat I had the chance to spend some Me and my friends time which it was good, do you know what the theme was? Food of course! Saturday afternoon me and T. Discovered a local tea room where we had one of the best cake I ever had, this blueberry cake left me full…and speechless! I know I do critisise a lot the lack of food culture in Britain, but I must say when I’m in the right mood I can find the best of every cuisine! Saturday night with my own shame I could say I looked a bit like a British drunk girl and I wasn’t happy about! I did not mean to drink too much, but when we were heading back home and I was driving my husband’s brand new car for the first time…I don’t know how but a word from him went wrong in my mind and I went absolutely ballistic, how crazy is that? Well I discovered I have an evil and aggressive side that I didn’t know! Please allow me to introduce myself…to my other self! 😉 Well I always talk too much so leaving the drinking side behind me I keep on going towards Sunday lunch, I must admit I didn’t eat Sunday roast for a while and I was pleasantly surprised again! Nice pub, nice day out, nice lunch, I should have been happy and full…no way! I always have to add a touch of myself everywhere and…For the joy of my husband my lasagne came out of the oven last night! We discovered that British food sometimes is good, but selfishly I will always praise Italian food…can’t wait for this weekend coming to see my family and eat a lot!

We are supposed to heading towards an Indian summer this week here in the south east of England; I can’t see how but in the meantime I keep enjoying the garden!! Have a great week everyone!

I should say something…

26 Sep

As Jay Z says in one of his songs
Thank you
, Thank you, Thank you / You’re far too kind

You have made my day yesterday with 82 hits, thank you very much, it means a lot to me !!!!!!!!!

Weddings and green should never be seen…F***off!

25 Sep

Last night we went to a friend’s wedding for the evening and I actually wanted to wear a pale pink dress but unfortunately after been eating too much in Miami the dress didn’t fit me so I had to go for my favourite choice of colour, GREEN! This dress is the best thing I have ever found in ZARA, the best 49 pounds spent in all my life!

Well apparently according to the superstition green is a very unlucky colour for a wedding, never heard of that but if Pippa Middleton worn a green dress last week as you can see in the article

Plus our bride was wearing a fuchsia going purple wedding dress….so I think every colour is allowed!

I wish all the happiness to Mike and Helen, you deserve it!

I didn’t know the first song they played for their first dance, but I knew the second one and I was going to cry,  Whitney Houston always affects me with I will always love you… I was looking for my Kevin Costner and of course, he was at the bar…so I had to drive at home, after a few glasses of wine, too many for my idea…but well I’m still here!

Have a good Sunday everyone!


24 Sep

Finally the weekend is here, the sun is shining with pleasant 20 degrees and I’m feeling happy today, after browsing online yesterday I discovered the new blackberry 9900 and straight away I went to order one, it will here just in the next few days I can’t wait! Am I like a child? I get so excited about every kind of shopping!!!

Went to visit my boys, still working on the boat and probably later on I will go out for a cup of tea with one of my friend, I had to be back early because tonight we have to go to Mike and Helen’s wedding, and I still don’t know what to wear, panic! Shall I wear one of my thousand green dresses, a black one, a leopard print one (too much cougar maybe…) a pale pink one, red one…I’m confused I don’t know I’ll keep you posted later on when I will throw all my dresses out of the closet!!

Well first at all congratulations to Mike and Helen!!!!

Woke up with this song in my mind, most of people say that sounds like All the things she said from the Tatu, but I do love Katy Perry and this song!!!

Katy Perry – E.T. ft. Kanye West


23 Sep

Cheers to the freaking weekend
I drink to that, yeah yeah

It’s Friday finally and I cannot wait for next Friday when I will be back in Italy for the weekend!!!

Woke up a bit messed up today (Prosecco…I love you and I hate you), managed to go to work by car because all the trains to and from London were cancelled so I actually enjoyed driving down to Brighton, took some pictures but they will not give justice to the view from the freeway…

My husband is busy working on his boat with his friend so I will have a ME weekend of relax, can’t wait!

And for tonight, I’m going to cook dinner for my two men, seafood spaghetti, please do not be late!!

Have a great weekend everyone…I’ll drink to that! ❤

Ready to go, thanks high street!

22 Sep


I’m ready, I can’t wait to get rid of my boredom and I can’t wait for a glass of wine!

My outfit comes from the high street, got this Diesel jeans in April (the model is called Matic, size 26 but after Miami they are a bit tight!). The white shirt came on my Tuesday shopping spree at H&M, only £ 12.99! Love this Benetton shoes I bought last February, shame I risk to kill myself every time I wear them, well…I don’t have to walk tonight! And god bless my lovely 4 years old Louis Vuitton speedy 25, I love it!

Well if someone delays, I’m going to start to open the bottle of Prosecco, have a good evening everyone!

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