Bank holiday weekend and powerboat racing… All over

29 Aug

I had a great bank holiday weekend in Cowes (Isle of Wight), my husband won the Cowes Poole Cowes powerboat racing and what did I do? I got very scared to go from Southampton to Cowes harbour by boat (I’m so scared of speed in water) but I recovered myself quite quickly thanks to a new group of girls I met in the island whom we shared the house for the weekend, great fun, great people and lots of drinking involved! We should say a very big thank you to our new sponsor, Peters and May, global boat transport who’s now supporting the team, the victory of this weekend is for you guys! Now we are back home and unfortunately back to reality, the long weekend  is over, most of my Italian friends are going back to work after the summer break, only 4 days at work  and what are we going to do? Fly to my special wonderland Miami in 7 days… Cannot wait!!! Here we are I have some pictures of the weekend, most of them probably they will be related to the team!!


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