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Oops I did it again…

31 Aug

Online shopping hits again my fragile persona… I’m a victim of all the newsletters I receive at work! Wednesday morning, 11AM, the system at work crashed…10 minutes spare, an email that talks about bikini clearance…20% off, I thought about my best friends who calls me The Queen of Cheap & Chic and what happened? A new bikini is on its way to Miami…come on every girl needs a new bikini, well if that girl is going in holiday in 5 days! God bless Victoria’s Secret… Can’t wait to see the London stores soon, didn’t you know?—new-bond-street

Summer is over, Night in, bottle of wine and good food

30 Aug


Today in Brighton the sky has been grey and full of clouds, the temperature dropped down and for some strange reason it feels already autumn. After the very nice long weekend away I’m happy to be back home, look forward a nice dinner for us and just chill out watching  TV and maybe have an early night, the journey to come back to shore by boat yesterday left me with some bruises and the feeling I’ve been beaten up, not good! I should cheer myself up with a nice bottle of wine and some good food, possibly comfort food! Tonight I feel like I want chorizo, and porcini mushrooms… Let’s google them and see what’s coming up…


A good bottle of white wine and some simple ingrendients, pasta, fresh tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, chorizo a just a bit of red winegar… I love when Kim (yes, my husband has a name 🙂 ) tastes what I cook for dinner and say MMMMMMMMMMM… It makes me happy!!!

Shall whe finish the bottle of wine and we watch  CSI MIAMI? It sounds like a plan, good night to everyone.

Bank holiday weekend and powerboat racing… All over

29 Aug

I had a great bank holiday weekend in Cowes (Isle of Wight), my husband won the Cowes Poole Cowes powerboat racing and what did I do? I got very scared to go from Southampton to Cowes harbour by boat (I’m so scared of speed in water) but I recovered myself quite quickly thanks to a new group of girls I met in the island whom we shared the house for the weekend, great fun, great people and lots of drinking involved! We should say a very big thank you to our new sponsor, Peters and May, global boat transport who’s now supporting the team, the victory of this weekend is for you guys! Now we are back home and unfortunately back to reality, the long weekend  is over, most of my Italian friends are going back to work after the summer break, only 4 days at work  and what are we going to do? Fly to my special wonderland Miami in 7 days… Cannot wait!!! Here we are I have some pictures of the weekend, most of them probably they will be related to the team!!



27 Aug

An exciting long weekend is coming, only a shame that the weather has been so bad recently, I’m still hoping for the sunshine to come and warm us in the South East of England….but at the same time I think I’m a DREAMER!!! After work I’m going to see a good Italian friend in London for dinner and a few drinks, I look forward a nice night sleep and tomorrow I’m off to the Isle of Wight for the Powerboat racing weekend, my husband is racing so I have to go and be the official photographer 🙂

Luckily we have Monday to chill out (thanks to the Bank holiday on Monday) and thank God my next trip to Miami is not far, 5th September come onnnnnnn I can’t wait!!!

I will post some updates during my long weekend if I could and let’s start to dream my favourite city in the world…goodnight to everyone

Everything started…

26 Aug

Everything started.during an ordinary afternoon at work, I was dying to read the updates on the fashion blog of one of my best friend (you should check her out, look for when suddenly,  I felt like….I needed to write, something, related to myself, my life, my passions, my friends, I needed to put in words what was going on in my mind, that’s where Anna’s wonderland has begun, hopefully this virtual diary is going to help me to express myself in full…and maybe make you smile!

Hello blog world, I’m here now !

25 Aug

The confessions of a online shopaholic, food lover, shoes addicted, globetrotter, music passionate, and hysterical wife…


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